Eastern Division Finals Enterance

I don't know if it's possible but I liked the idea of Argyll and Sutherland Highlands bagpipes leading the team out on Saturday afternoon's game and would love to see the team do it again as I think he gave the team pride to be a part of Hamilton. Hope other agree with me about this.

Couldn't agree more. At every game the team honors a member of the military. It would be nice if before each game he leads the team out of the tunnel while the stands are full instead of sometime during a commercial break.

Thanks for picture Grover but it would be awesome to have the video of we can find it as well.

Here is a video


Ever since Tim Hortons Field has opened, the Ticat players have entered the stadium where they’ve proceeded to form a circle at centre field, removed and raised their helmets and saluted the fans in the stands. Here’s hoping this becomes standard procedure and not just something the team is going to do in the inaugural season at THF. It’s been working great so far!!!