Eastern and Western Finals TV ratings


TiCats vs Argos - 1.7 million
Riders vs Stamps - 1.9 million

Ticats/Argos game peaked at 3.1 million
Riders/Stamps peaked at 2.7 million

East Final up 20% and also the highest rated East final ever on English television
West Final up 2% over last year.

awesome news!!!!!

It's great stuff the CFL is, that's why I watch it and go to games. How much money the players make is irrelevant to me but to some it's all about a "professional image" and CFL salaries to these imbeciles are not "professional image."

Well said Earl.
These are huge numbers.

Thank you for the good news. :slight_smile:

The viewing numbers from last year's East Final are not really up 20%
They are up 20% on TSN but probally down 90% on RDS so they are flat at best
The sickening part is what would the numbers be if the games started 4 hours later like they should of?
TSN pushes the games back to accomidate the NFL. I really hate this country sometimes... If these games were on CTV at the proper times these numbers would be atleast 500000 viewers higher

Last year's ratings

Western = Cal @ BC - 2 million viewers (1.9 million on TSN; 105,000 on RDS), up 3% increase over last year, audience peak 2.9 million in 4th qrtr.

Eastern = Tor @ MTL - 1.9 Million viewers (1.43 million on TSN; 466,000 on RDS), up 15% over last year, audience peak 2.7 million during MTL's last drive.

More than 8.6 million Canadian watched some part of the Eastern and Western Finals

It should be noted that RDS ratings have not been included yet for both of yesterdays game.

In all likelyhood the RDS numbers for the Eastern Final are around the same as last years Western Final. So this mean 1.9 million last year but only 1.8 million this year.
This is just spin by TSN
The fact is that TSN is more concerned about keeping it's Sunday night NFL package then securing top ratings for its CFL playoff games. The NFC and AFC championship games are in prime time on an over the air network and have numbers over 2 million. The CFL is on a cable network and on at ridiculously early times. I went out Saturday night and by the time I woke up (I live in Vancouver btw) the East Final was half over already. Rob Ford was obviously on a bender Saturday Night and could only get to the East Final at half time the game started so early.

I agree, I'm not a fan at all about the CFL not getting the Primetime Slots.

So because you're a drunk and live on the west coast, the league should move the games from Sunday afternoon (where NFL playoff games, save the title games, take place, by the way) to later Sunday (assuming you mean 4 and 7 p.m., respectively)? Speaking as someone who lives in the east, I prefer the games in the early afternoons. Saying that 1 p.m. local time (or 2:30 p.m., as the case may be in Calgary) is "ridiculously early" is ridiculous. If you can't get your butt outta bed before 10 a.m., too bad. I was on the road to Toronto at 10 a.m., as were plenty of other people, so it seems you're in the minority on this one. Sunday afternoon is the best time for these games.

The majority of the CFL's future fan base would of went out on Saturday night and not gone to bed before 2am.
You are being very judgemental calling me a drunk and it makes me think that in fact you are a drunk, because that is what AA people do. They critisize anyone who indulges in alcohol as an alcohlic. Its not my fault that you can't drink a few drinks without letting it wreck your life. Go fly a kite you alcoholic piece of crap!!!!
The reality is that if the game was later on Sunday the Argos would of drawn a larger(and most importantly) younger crowd

Nah, it's tough on the west coast, I'm with Mr. Bungle on that one. I was out late and didn't start watching the east final until half time. It's especially worse trying to go out with friends to watch the game when it starts at 10am. And don't even get me started on the Lions' east division semi-finals and finals appearances in 2009.

The semis were the most watched ever on TSN at 1.3 Million

[url=https://www.bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_english/2013-14/2013-14_11_04_TV_ME_NationalTop30.pdf]https://www.bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

Would have, not would of. But I digress.

I like flying kites, but don't enjoy drinking. Not my thing.

As for the topic at hand, show proof that moving the game would have had an impact. Otherwise, you're guessing and wanting changes to suit you. If the CFL thought that moving the game to later in the day, or to another day (some want them to move it to Saturday, despite proof that they drew worse than Sunday afternoon games), they would. As is, you have the game start at a time that MOST people don't consider too early.

As for drawing in a younger crowd, again, provide proof of what you are stating. All I see is opinion being posited as fact.

Problem is that we can’t prove it until TSN actually does it. The latest the Divisional finals have been on in the last 9 years was in 05’ (3 pm East Final, 6pm West Final EST) and the new ratings system (PPM) only came into effect in September 09.

TSnswitched the time becaause they got the pacckage to show the NFL sunday Night Football game. if Sportsnet had the Sunday Night game, The West Final would go head to head against it and the east final would proceed it by 4 hours.

I've been on this forum for years and this is one of the most idiotic statements I've ever seen, and there have been some seriously demented things said here in that time.

Maybe you should attend a meeting sometime and see what AA is about. Hint: they're some of the most nonjudgemental people on the planet.

While you're at it you might want to check your spelling as well.