Eastern All Stars?

I'm guessing we'll have 8 players on the list: Bulcke, Boudreaux, Burris, Hage, Wojt, Gable, Beswick,Bartel. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Without a doubt, Josh Bartel is one of the best punter's we've had in a while. Not so much for his power (which is slightly above average imo) but for his accuracy and uncanny ability to make the exact bounce happen. Seriously, the way he makes that Football bounce, it makes you think that there is some trick that the Aussie's have figured out and aren't telling us.

I'd be shocked if we had any offensive linemen on the all-star team.

I think Bakari Grant has a shot.

I think the only East All-Stars that we can honestly expect are Grant & Gable and maybe Bartel.

I tend to agree with you on both,I think if Simmons or Figuero was healthy and played more they would have had a shot at being All-Stars.If any O.L has a shot it would most likely be Wojt,who played regular at guard and filled in at tackle at times this year,Bakari also I think has an outside shot at being named to the squad,but is in tough with the likes of Green,Carter,Owens,Durie and even Denmark worthy of consideration.Grant did finish up at 4th best in yards in the East though at 947 yds and would have had a shot at 1000 yds if dressed for the last game.Fantuz if not for the early season injury would have most likely been a shoe-in for the squad,as well as Ellingson if not injured.

Both East & West All-Star Line-Ups Announced

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/shining-bright-division-all-stars-announced]http://www.cfl.ca/article/shining-brigh ... -announced[/url]

QB Ricky Ray
RB C.J. Gable
RB Will Ford
R Andre Durie
R Bakari Grant
R S.J. Green
R Chad Owens
T Josh Bourke
T Glenn January
G Chris Van Zeyl
G Greg Wojt
C Jeff Keeping

DT Bryant Turner
DT Khalif Mitchell
DE John Bowman
DE Brandon Boudreaux
LB Chip Cox
LB Robert McCune
LB Henoc Muamba
CB Geoff Tisdale
CB Patrick Watkins
HB Jerald Brown
HB Billy Parker
S Mike Edem

K Sean Whyte
P Josh Bartel
ST Marc Beswick

Pretty much as expected. Nice to see Brandon Boudreaux recognized. Didn't expect that but very deserving.

I thought Kyries Hebert would have made the list?

Ray doesn't deserve to be on this list when he only dressed for 10 games. I'm not a Cat fan, but that's a mistake in my opinion. Injuries are part of the game, you don't hand out awards based on the pace someone was on or the potential they have.

Thought so as well. But it's hard not to go along with McCune & Muamba ... they both are studs.

Problem is ... as pointed out elsewhere ... Is that they don't differentiate between MLB or MIKE, WILL & SAM LB. McCune & Muamba are both really MLB's. Cox is a SAM. Hebert is a true WILL. He should've got the nod in a properly designed category.

Congrats to all the cats!
Think Burris should have been chosen, as well as Bulke, our Most Outstanding Defensive Player.
I thought one of our LBs could have made it. They should choose a RB and FB, 2 WRs and 2 SBs, MLB and 2 Outside LBs, not lump them all together.
Edem at S...we should have chosen him in the draft over Gaydosh. We should also have hung on to Tisdale.

Understatement! No kidding!

Agreed. Ray got the nod because he was better than the rest of the QBs for the game he played. But the same could be said for Ellingson. His average number of catches and yards per game were equal to Green's, and ahead of the other three receivers who made the Eastern All-Stars. So why did he not end up being selected instead? Because he didn't play for much of the season - although he did play in more games than Ray.

A head-shaker for sure.

Lots of flaws & anomalies in the CFL All-Star selection system ...

I'm sure Brandon Boudreaux benefited from the Alex Hall trade. Hall is a Western Division All Star @ DE but only played 4 games with the Riders while he played 13 with WPG. One guy in the east gets recognized due to the switch and one in the west gets missed due to the change. Law/Willis out West?

Ironic that it's our third best receiver getting the All-Star nod. Durability, though. Bakari was able to stay healthy all year.

It was a strange year all around in the East this year. Both Winnipeg and Montreal were inept offensively, and Toronto wasn't that great once Ray went down (which ended up being nearly half the season), so that left Hamilton as the only team with a healthy QB/RB combination. Nobody in the East was deserving of the placekicker nomination, should have been just left blank.

Interesting break-down of the selections,the 3rd place Al's have 9 players on squad,1 more than the 8 from the NOTS,and the Cats 2nd place finishers have 6 only 2 more than the last place B.B.'s

Alouettes......9 total (8-10)3rd.....(2 offense/6 defense/1 special)
AwfulNuts......8 total(11-7)1rst.....(5 offense/3 defense)
Tiger Cats......6 total(10-8)2nd.....(3 offense/1 defense/2 special)
B.Bombers.....4 total(3-15)4th......(2 offense/2 defense)

I wonder how close the vote was at East QB. Did Burris get any support?

I would think he would have had a great shot if not for the fall-off in his performance over the last 5 or 6 games. Ironically, that happened to be our best stretch of the season in terms of wins/losses. Maybe more to do with defence and special teams finally stepping up at key times, whereas earlier in the season when we won it was solely on the back of the offence.

Toronto was 6-4 (60%) with Ray in the lineup & 5-3 (62.5%) without him. Better winning percentage without him actually.

Yes. I think it was the falloff in the last 7 games.

First 11 Games Henry threw for an average of 326 yards. 67.65% completion percentage. 9.5 yards per attempt. 1.8 TD's to 1 Int's per game with an average passer rating of 102.82.

Last 7 Games Henry threw for an average of 190 yards. 61.71 completion percentage. 6.9 yards per attempt. .57 TD's to 1.14 Int's per game with an average passer rating of 70.67

Henry had a lot of bad games. Ray, despite playing only 10-plus, had no bad games. You don't give the all-star QB to a guy just because he was the only one in the division who played every game. Henry had a good season, but it was way worse than last year's. And Ray was lights out good virtually every snap he played.