Easterm Division Games Stale

The games gave been much improved this season.
However if you think back to the lowest scoring games( and boring) this season they have been games with two Eastern Division teams.
Perhaps, most alarming is that every Argos game has been boring this season, with even their two wins out west being yawnfests.
Im not saying thats its a huge disparity in excitement between divisions, but it is there.
Like tonight has been ridiculous. Only 11 points scored in a half,yet teams are taking stupid risks , costing themselves chip shot field goals.10-7 would look alot better on the scoreboard than 7-4

Which games are you talking about? From what I see, the two lowest scoring games (total points) this year have been between western teams.

Week 1: Calgary 18 @ BC 20
Week 4: Edmonton 20 @ Winnipeg 16

What did you expect? The Argos made a mistake of going with Ray instead of Harris.

As for this game, to be fair, one quarterback is coming back from injury; the other is new.

The identify of the other eastern team in these "yawnfests" you mention I suspect is Montreal, which shows Jim Popp definitely needs to go. The Alouettes have simply become a joke of an organization.

East have been more banged up at the QB position which makes the games being maybe less exciting more understandable.

I'm at the Argo-RedBlacks game tonight. Nothing dull about it.

The defense on both sides have been strong with key turnovers keeping the score low.

Right because its Popp's fault that Green Stafford Sutton and Brodeur-Jourdain are all on the 6 game injury list

And if Montreal is a joke of an organization...What does that make Edmonton Wpg and SSK who all have equal or worst records?

Popp is a good GM but the Als would be better off with someone else as a head coach. I think he's proven in several stints as head coach that he's not suited for the position.

Marcus Brady, young QB guru.

He just likes to find reasons to complain. It doesn't matter if the reasons are actually factual or not. He doesn't even go to games.

I personally wouldn't hold that against him. :wink: