Easterbrook's and other diners!

Wow! After all these decades I just learned of the existence of Easterbrook's in Burlington today!


Looks like exactly my kind of place!

Has anyone checked out Easterbrook's lately?

And what are your favourite diners overall in your neck of the woods? A "diner" to me must absolutely, positively feature proper low sit-down counter seating (like in an old-fashioned drugstore soda fountain or a Woolworth lunch counter) plus reasonably priced comfort food.


Have never been inside, walked around it and near it when we've visited the Royal Botanical Gardens nearby.

Anyways, close to Waterdown, don't think Easterbrooks is actually in Waterdown but might be wrong on this, where a battle is ensuing. :wink:

Make Waterdown part of Burlington, mayor tells province

Hamilton mayor says if province goes down this road, Hamilton will make a case to annex all of Burlington

Burlington has ripped down every architectural treasure they had. They are following Torontos lead. A shame really for all of us. NEVER become part of Burlington. Hamilton has the right idea and I live in Burlington

If there's any one thing you can say about this diner on the corner of Bathurst and Dupont in Toronto, that would indeed be "reputable":

Unfortunately it's not exactly in my neighbourhood and this city is too damn big.


spent time around there in the 70s. Don't remember what was there though. I remember there was a Scotts KFC chicken place around there somewhere.

We mostly went to a couple of places on Dupont just east of Spadina.

Wow that place is old...it NEVER looked that clean in there anytime I was there but have not set foot in that place in over 20 years... Was at one time THE place to go for hot dogs ...

Surprised to hear it's still there.
Lot's of old memories