Easten final

I'm a diehard Alouettes fan :thup: , but my second favorite team are the Ti-Cats :smiley: . It's been a while since those Cats roared, but now that they're starting to show their fangs, that means a promissing future for them and the roar will come. I hope that the Eastern final will be between the Alouettes and the Ti-Cats, that way if my #1 team doesn't make it to the Grey cup,my #2 team will.
There is only one thing though, the Alouttes 'chirp' is still louder then the Cats 'meow', we beat hem 21 to 8 the last meeting, but those Cats were the first team to hold the Al's under 40 points and this week they won against Edmonton who are the only team to win against the Al's so far.
There's only one thing for me to say and that is "Go Al's Go" and "Go Cats Go" :rockin:

Totally agree, and welcome to the boards, gtpost.

I have been a rabid Als' fan since the late 50s. . . but having been born and raised in Hamilton the Cats have a special place with me.

I'm a CFL fan first and foremost, my number 1 team is Montreal and Hamilton is 1A.

So I too hope for a Montreal vs. Hamilton eastern final.

Just like it was in '98 and '99.

Hopefully with the same result. :wink:

......I think the Bombers will have something to say bout that......a little early to be declaring finalists don't ya think... :roll: :lol:... on another note...what's an 'easten' final :roll: ...????

I think, papa, we were declaring our preference, not our prediction. . .

....oh ...i guess i missed the word ...'hope'.....now that's different....I think every team has that.... :wink:

Well papa you know me better than to think that I’d rule your guys out just yet. . .

And I would suggest that there just might be one team rather low on “hope”, and it would be that other blue team in the east. . . I just think that there are too many glaring problems there that could all be fixed in one season, and something tells me that they’ll be out of the playoff picture shortly after Labour Day.

...have to agree on the mess in argoland.....Besides having no credible receiving corps....the quarterbacking is going to take awhile to straighten-out....The o line is very suspect...Their d is respectable....but that ain't gonna do it....I think your labour-day call is bang-on... :expressionless:

That's fair. Their D is 'respectable' . . . not great. . . not bad. But it isn't as good as your D, not by a long shot. So even if you were to say that both Winnipeg's and Toronto's offences are terrible (and while yours certainly has had some 'growing pains' to put it mildly, I still think your offence is somewhat superior to Toronto's), the fact would still remain that your D is far superior to theirs, so therefore you will at least finish third over them. Maybe higher? Time will tell.

You've had some QB problems since it is obvious that LeFors isnt' ready for prime time. Is Bishop the answer? Again, time will tell; but your O-line and receiving corps, while not perhaps playing terrific (so far) is better than what Toronto has. And I'd take your running game over Toronto's as well.

i think the als and cats wll be better most of the season then the bombers. i think bishop will do good enough to keep us competitive but not be great. however an east semi in hamilton against the bombers could really go either way, bombers have a lot of veterans and a very good D. should be interesting year!

ps and congrats ham on the success. good to see you turn it around! now i just hope my bombers can do the same so that ham + mtl dont run away with the east! :rockin: