After tonights dismantling of the Stamps by the Bombers and the piss poor performances turned in by the Argos and Als, what say you all, does anybody actually deserve to represent the East in the GC this year.

Funny, I thought Winnipeg was in the East? So are you saying the Bombers dont deserve to be there either??

...piggy, piggy, piggy....did you have too much moonshine again?....

PIGSEYE is just warning you all, the Beast of the East, rests on the west side of the Country....Go Bombers..

...so in other words, you guys don't quite know where you are.....

Ya were lost, but we are lost together... we are loaded for big game in the dark jungle of the CFL...Go Bombers

Never forget!
There are 2 seasons!
The regular and the post!
Its the post season that counts!

.....and if the Riders, Als, or Argos play as craptacular as they did this past weekend, they'll be hard pressed to do any damage in the post season.....

The teams like BC and Calgary will go into the games thinking they already have the victory, then oops, they lose.

cant get to the post season without the regular season so regular season counts too.

True, you cant get to the postseason. But would you rather finish first in the season, or the post season

...yes we do... we are in the middle-east.....I get what piggy is trying to say...it looks like the east ...including our-selves (Bombers)..have been very inconsistent this year....to the point of...you don't know which team looks worse (or better)...the team that wants it the most will emerge....and right now the Bombers look like they may want it a little more...here's hoping..... :wink: :roll: :thup: