East West Shrine Game

The Canadian kids played well on Saturday. Moe Petrus(TiCat draft pick) and Ben Heenan played centre and right guard for most of the game. Their interior blocking led to the winning touchdown run late in the fourth quarter. Tyrone Crawford (Boise State) and Amaud Nadon(Laval) alternated at rush end .Crawford looks like a keeper while Nadon seemed to play more on the edges in a trail position.
The most "interesting comment" during the game from Mike Maoff(sp.) the colour commentator.He said that #99 Akiem Hicks(DL Regina) had to "overcome the stigma of being Canadian". It appears that the Ugly American is alive and well on the NFL Network. Hicks is rather a large defensive tackle from California who ended up playing for the Regina Rams.
Since we have the #3 and #10 pick in the 2012 CFL Draft, maybe we will get to see Crawford or Hicks .Meanwhile the Senior Bowl is played this Saturday with Kellen Moore(Qb. Boise State) a TiCat neg. list player that could be a perfect fit in the CFL. I am surprised that Austin Pasztor(OL Virgina) a kid from Ontario is not on the Senior Bowl Roster but Phil Blake(OL Baylor) the Al's pick last year is set to play.
The NFL Combine, CFL Evaluation Camp, and both league drafts are not far off. The 2012 season can't get here soon enough! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Didn't get to see the game. Nice report. Thanks!

PatLynch said

"overcome the stigma of being Canadian". It appears that the Ugly American is alive and well on the NFL Network
I think you misunderstood what was meant by the comment. He is a Canadian kid from a Canadian university and he is not going to get the same "look" as if he went to US university. There is definately a stigma of being Canadian from a Canadian uni and playing football in the US. It's a legitimate and true statement that probably could have been said by a Canadian commentator too.

Except for the part where he's actually American.

I didn't read the whole article - but that explains the "stigma". An American kid going to a Canadian Uni? , I can understand why he would get overlooked at any draft by any team south of the border.

I missed this game as well. Thanks for the report, Pat.

I'll be watching for these guys in the spring. Some of

them sound impressive.