East West Bowl

It would be great if one of our Tv sports channels would televise the upcoming East West Bowl. This game will feature the CIS standout football players from last season and would be of interest to all football fans from across Canada..The game will feature the players from last season some of whom will be playing in the CFL this coming season. Fans of all CFL clubs would be interested in CIS players whom they think would be a good addition to their favorite team. For example, as an Alouette fan I would like to be able to see a player in action who might fill the Als need for a wide receiver. The person I would like the Als to draft would be Arthur Jabari who is a native of Montreal and was an outstanding wide receiver for The University Of Akron.
All football fans have been waiting during this long winter for the opportunity to again see some football and with this game on television we would get some preview of the CIS players we think would be good additions to out favorite teams.