East/West All-Stars announced.

Well, not too many surprises here.

at least in my mind I like what I see.

...geez, lookee there, Lewis/Browner/Anderson, considered three of the most hated-ought-to-be-banned players in the league by non-Stampeder fans....

....and people scoffed at my jealousy theory....

Duval is a ridiculous choice for PK in the East. He made only 72% of his FG attempts. They couldn't give it to Prefontaine because he was in the West most of the season, but Palardy (87%) would have been an excellent choice.

OK.. not sure if this happens because I never noticed it.. but do they play an all-star game? Whats the point in making a team and not playing a game.. Maybe they could go play somewhere in the US if its because of the weather. Thats a game Id like to watch..

Sorry, Browner's still a tool that brown noses his way to getting away with EVERYTHING.%98 of his highlights are non-called penalties.Ask anyone who get's away with the most crap in the league and pretty well everyone will say Browner.

I'll say !!!

Just goes to show ya how phony some of these nominations are.

Now here's what I find wrong besides that one. . .

They subdivide the secondary into cornerbacks, halfbacks, and safety. That is as it should be, the skill sets required at those positions are different.

But they do not subdivide the linebackers; why is that? The skill set required for a MLB is very different from what is required of an OLB and for the latter you can make a good argument that SAM and WILL require slightly different skill sets.

But look... the east has three OLBs in Eiben (why is he there ahead of Jamal Johnson?), Knowlton, and Cox.

But in the west they have 2 MLBS, the two Simpsons. . .

That just doesn't make sense to me. If you're going to list an allstar team based on a 4/3 defence, you should really have one MLB and 2 OLBs (or, like I said, one MLB, one SAM, and one WILL).

some linebackers on certain teams don't always play just in the middle...

Montreal had one consistent downside to thier game all year, Duval. This is an insult to every kicker in the East. Did he pay off someone to get this? His punting numbers were good but by no means dominant, the same for kickoffs but his field goal kicking was worst in the league among starters. Prefontaine may have spent most of the season in the West but he's an Argo now and that qualifies him for the East team. Are they saying Prefontaine is ineligible because he played in both? How many games is the cut-off? And how pathetic does a player have to be before he is not considered? Obviously you can be preety bad and still make the "all-star" team as long as you play all 18 games for the same division. :roll:

browner you could convince me is one of the top 2 CBs in the west, Anderson is not 2nd best, maybe 4th. Calgary's strong season and reputation helped him I think. I would rate Chris Thompson and Ryan Phillipe ahead of him.

But Thompson and Phillips aren't corners . . .they're both halfbacks.

Extend that logic to kickers. Some teams have 2 kickers because place kicking is different from punting and kickoffs. If they did that Duval may have earned an all-star spot.

They always pick a place-kicker and a punter on the all-star teams. Renaud was chosen as the Eastern punter.

You are correct, I missed that. That just makes Duval’s selection more shocking and disgraceful. How does the worst place-kicker in the league make the “all-star” team?

Must have used a similar ranking system as the power rankings. :roll:

Best explanation I suppose. . . :smiley:

....and you have links and quotes to these 'anyones and everyones' that can back up your statement of fact?...presumably ones from players, coaches and sports writers, not the people within arm's distance in whatever box you sit in at IW....(not holding my breath)

...Browner = All-Star, deal with it....nominated by knowledgable football-people who know how far a corner can push the envelope and stay legal...

D'oh, and they are both on the list too. Egg on my face, s'what i get for skimming over the list. :oops:

Ryan Phillipe is actually an actor :wink:

Couple of positions with noticeably weak fields this year. Cates probably didn't have an all star worthy season, but Whitlock got hurt and BC just was worse running the ball. Duval getting the PK nod in the east, but who else could they give it to? Palardy wasn't around for half the season, DeAngelis had a poor year, and the Argo's switched kickers 3 times.

Yeah, this type of thing is bound to happen when you have a small pool to select from. Whitlock probably should've been nominated ahead of Cates, but as you say, he was injured, so...

Oh well. I was happy to see Edmonton get a couple nods. Congrats to Stamps and Thompson. I thought for sure we'd get snubbed again. :lol: