East vs. West matchups

Same ole crap. East division sucks.

Yes but they have way nicer Halloween costumes .


Also Some have women playing both ways .

Not that there is anything wrong with that .

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Another slam at women's sports and attempt to talk about stuff that isn't about east vs. west (hijacking the original post). That being said, I usually go to women's collegiate basketball games because it's good basketball and you can get great front row seats.

In the same way, having a player draft of women to guarantee parity would be good and capable of working with a national league.

That being said, let's keep this message stream about east vs. west instead of bad mouthing women's sports.

Yes I love it when you focus on women's looks when talking about the sport of football very progressive .

Thank you. That was an extra bonus that you'd get by having a JV game (women's game) before the men's CFL game.

...now back to east vs. west talk please.

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West is currently leading but we’re not even halfway through the season yet.

Having said that the league should focus on divisional play. East playing west once (East plays 5 games, west plays 4 per team) East plays east 3 times each for a total of 9 games. West vs west has a base number of games which is 2 matches each. Add 2 rivalry games. BC would play theirs against Calgary and Edmonton. Edmonton and Calgary would play 1 against each other. Winnipeg and Saskatchewan plays 2 rivalry games for a total of 4 against each other. 14 game schedule complete with less travel.

The West is leading the season series 9-5. I believe there are 9 more interdivisional games left, so the East would have to go 7-2 in those games to take the season series. Not likely.

Sucks for the East that we can't sustain the level of competition that the West enjoys year after year. It'd be great to have more seasons with 2-3 excellent teams competing for playoff spots in the East. At least, our best has been competitive with the West's best in the Grey Cup.

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I'm more interested in seeing one division and a more record-based playoff seeding system than I am in random geography.


That wouldn't be great for eastern teams traditionally. The fans in the east have lower attendance for west games usually as well. I was listening to a commentator for Calgary saying that Toronto wasn't a good draw for them either. Then there is the issue of people in the east staying up until 1 in the morning to watch their team play a western team (BC vs Ott for example). That might be something the league looks at at some point though. Stranger things have happened.

As a compromise, the division setup stays in place as far as the division-heavy schedule is concerned and in the sense, each division champ gets the #1 and #2 seed reserved for them and a bye out of the first round.

Seeds 3-6 can come from any division.

After 3 years, the league transitions from 2 divisions (east and west), to 3 divisions (Ontario, Prairie, and Mountain) with only 4 teams (one is a wildcard) making the playoff with the semifinals as a best-two-out-of-three setup.

If I had a say, which I don't, I'd recommend a hybrid system.

Full interlocking schedule.
East and West Champs get an automatic bye to division final home game.
Rest of the league straight up record decides. #3 overall (or #2 overall if a division winner is actually #3) hosts #6
#4 hosts #5

Winner of semi with better record goes to the division finalist with worst record, and vice versa.

To get around a potential Calgary vs Edmonton east semi final or Toronto Hamilton West semi,(for examples), simply rename the East the Mosca Division and the West the Kapp Division. No rivalry there, lol.

Im not interested in seeing the same team 4 times plus 1 preseason and possibly 1 post season.

The traditional balanced schedule works great.

In 2019 the Ticats were 15-3 and had a tougher schedule than the Riders.

What is random about east and west?

Location has nothing to do with how good a team is, or their win/loss record, and yet it dramatically affects playoff races and seeding.

Maybe random is the wrong word but geography should be irrelevant

I was referring to COVID schedule where there was no pre-season. Even with the traditional season one team plays another 4 times seemingly. The way to fix this for the fans is to make the darker jersey the away jersey. Each team would have an alternate colour they could use. Saskatchewan could have lime green and Winnipeg could have hot pink for example