East vs West - incredible stats

East ?????? Um you must be dreaming .

They lost some teams multiple times see Ottawa and Montreal .

Hamilton was bought out of dumpster fire by a great caretaker .

Toronto is a mess with one owner owning two markets before the deal with Bell that now hinders any potential growth .

Ottawa keeps looking like a broken ship .

Montreal is playing with matches .

Toronto should have folded years ago there is no one showing up to the games .

Hamilton's owner is the only one who seems to have kept both ends of the ship afloat with decent moves in the stands and on the Field consistently .

Fans are still coming to see the teams despite all four of them struggling mightily. That's what counts. It's easy to be a fan when your team is on top. Montreal used to sell out McGill Stadium regularly during the golden era (2000-2010). Winning brings fans to the stadium.

If you are so down on eastern fans, maybe we should fold all four eastern teams and see how long the rest of the league lasts. Remember those Rider telethons in the '90s, were those good times?

Instead of endlessly complaining about the east, let's just accept the challenges of the division, support the fans and the teams, and let the chips fall where they may.


BC was held together with used ankle tape by Braley for a decade
EDM turned a model franchise into an embarassment in recent years
WPG went 20 years without a Championship until recently
SSK telethons
Every team has had their problems in the long CFL history
Note: If/when there are 10 teams there won't even be a crossover

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Well we can dissect it with the Riders get the largest TV numbers so any telethon was effective .

Try doing a telethon for Toronto and see if it works for them ?

The fans in Toronto , Montreal already spoke but you are not listening .

You do know the Als played in a 19 k stadium for years .

I should hope those years filled the tiny park when they were good .

and What are you talking about ? .....folding them up just because they are asked to compete in a 9 team league instead of just 4 with a special needs playoff system that gives byes and home field to fifth seeds .

The league lasted this long only because of philanthropy and government assistance not because there was some overwhelming support in the east for decades .



Time to let the chips fall using a normal seeding system for a small 9 team league or watch more erosion of fan support .

And then see if we can finally get back to divisions with domestic expansion and more teams in the east .

I don't get why people think that swaths of empty Seats are a positive indication of support .

Thankfully we have a crossover but lack the ability to actually enforce a seeding system .

Toronto had Hamilton in the finals and it was no where near a sell out . Shit they just opened the upper deck that week .

Braley owned the Argos ...... too and was the only guy that wanted them .

Edmonton got woke and is falling broke .

Even the top competitive Calgary team is feeling the drop off of interest .

Try doing a telethon in the east ? The rider fans speak with their wallets and drive the ratings up . Compare stadiums with anyone in the east ..... . Winnipegs as well .

The east has decades of problems and rewarding themselves for sucking is not way to run a business .

Not sure why anyone would want their team to cheat their way using a system that looks bush to those who wish to tear this league down .

These are easy fixes just need to stop the insanity that people care about geography seeding they don't care anymore .

LOL, I'll support the eastern teams and you keep ranting about it.

This league has a lot to learn about marketing the game and its teams, but I can't control that. I'll just cheer for my team as long as it's around. I don't need negativity and constant complaining about how the fans aren't good enough. And that's all I'll say about this subject.

What the hell are you talking about ?

Fans ? No-one is complaining about fans .....


Easy Guys, the Eastern fans of the CFL are great fans! I totally respect them because they have to deal with a culture that shuns the CFL and yet they still show up. The sad part of it is that there are not enough of them for a variety of reasons.


It went from 18 to 19 then 20 then the expansion to 25 and even had some good crowds at the Big Owe for some playoff games .

The venue changed ; if the team had been great at the BIG Owe there is no way they would've had the support .

18 k in the big owe lacks atmosphere . It would not have taken off like it did downtown in an old antiquated stadium .

Funny though people here don't see that a cheap venue worked .

Less is more for the new CFL .

They want to feel the energy of the game even at a small venue .

You know things are bad when you look up the word 'weak' and the definition is 'CFL East'.

And yet I still think this year's Grey Cup battle in Saskatchewan will come down to the wire... again. :partying_face:

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Yes, the East is weak this year, we all get that! The biggest problem is empty seats, including the "strong" west. Look at the attendance at all of the western teams. At least in my home field, Hamilton, there is still a decent crowd and a great atmosphere! And we are 1-5! Getting sick and tired of hearing from all the West people. Fix your problems in the stands

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It's weird. Western fans who bash the East constantly -- you do know that if the East were more competitive, your teams would be losing more, right? Like, you have your wins. Do you really need to be obnoxious about the teams you're beating to get those wins? Not the classiest move.

And as MtnCat points out, attendance issues are not unique to the East. That's a league-wide problem.

To address the empty seat problem has anyone considered taking advantage of the worldwide surplus of blow-up sex dolls? We could fill those empty seats with smiling fans made out of plastic and none of them would complain about the elements. Plus with the blowup sex doll initiative our CFL Football season could extend well into the winter! :smiley: :+1:

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