East versus West...

Hi everyone,

I read a “suggestion” in one of Steve Simmons’ Toronto Sun column about this.

Also asked in one of those CFL surveys.

How important is it to retain the existing East and West divisions?

What about a single division loop of eight teams? (Nine next year with Ottawa).

I am struggling with this. Could go either way. Like the East-West Grey Cup although we’ve seen all-west Cups with Winnipeg in the East and all-east Cups way back in the early days.

What do others think?

keep east west div

EAST VS WEST don't Mess With Tradition

We had a discussion about this when Ottawa Rens folded.

Alot of people in favour of one division.

I feel that the BOG like the East West tradition,so I accept that.

What I'd like to see is more bravo given to being the East division champions or West.

For example we'd each play a two game total point playoff series to decide who is the East /West division champs.

The first place team still gets the bye week while 2nd and 3rd play off and home field advantage for the final game .

Award a trophy with much larger cash rewards given to the players for winning their division.

The fans win in these two game playoffs as discussed many times ,the week between games is exciting and a good build up to the Grey Cup .

Do fans matter?.....KISS! :cowboy:

Well, good ol' Steve Simmons, hmmm, a Toronto reporter I'm thinking. Of course he doesn't want two divisions, I'm just surprised he doesn't want one division called Toronto as Toronto stands for all of Canada, and calls the CFL the TFL.
But this is a tough one in all honesty and really no right or wrong way to look at this. Personally for me, keep the two divisions for tradition sake but it really doesn't matter that much to me, I think in people's minds, it will always be an east-west thing regardless of how the league is structured.