East versus West.

Don’t look now, but the Eastern Division has a winning record against Western opponents.

Crap west division bringing down the league. ;D

East 1 West 0

Of course it’s early…


2-1 for the East !

It was almost 3-0 with much improved Als. Looks like it might be a pretty competitive season.

Not going to get better than 2-1 with only 3 Eastern teams in action this week. Double Blue had the week off and the larks won’t be in action next week.

It is wonderful to see the East starting strong … the league needs this

Fluke win by Ottawa. Calgary and Mitchell will be better as the year goes along. Probably not as good as previous seasons with the loss of talent, but better than a couple nights ago nonetheless.

The west will be better than the east by season’s end. There is almost certainly going to be a crossover once again. Nothing new here - it has been this way for the most part since the 80s.

That’s never been truer than now, while the Als are up for sale and the Argos are in the doldrums.

The fluke was Calgary being in the game. They got 14 points on turnovers from tipped passes. Ottawa outplayed Calgary for the majority of the game. Sorry, that this is a positive for the league that east/west maybe competitive this year. I know that you only wish the best for the CFL. ?

Both Ottawa and Montreal looked better than expected.

Arblows will not, however.

If the playoffs were to begin today, there would be no crossover.


And after one week the score is:

East 2 West 1



I agree!


And I really like your avatar! That’s Willie Fleming, is it not? Among the treasured memories to which I still cling is trekking to Ken’s Variety to buy Krun-Chee (Humpty Dumpty?) potato chips to get those 1963 CFL coins.

The East might be better than I thought. That would be good for the league if they do better this year. Saskatchewan better be well prepared for Ottawa.

Ottawa was better than I thought they’d be…Montreal looks much improved on O but I suspect their DL is going to be their Achilles

The departure of Jones and his O might be a bigger impact on Hamilton than I thought it would be though

Change the playoff format now! The east has been carrying this league for way too long…well…one week anyways.

You should maybe actually watch the games

I hear this song and dance year after year…and yet the east boosters are proven wrong time and time again. The west almost always has teams with the better winning percentage, better head-to-head records against the east, always awarded the crossover playoff spot, better Qbs better players generally. Trust me, it will turn out the same this year.