east stronger than west?

For decades, the west division has almost always been stronger than the east division in a pass-oriented league. Perhaps, not in 2012 because of overall quality of experienced quarterbacks in the east. Maybe the best group in years! If the east is to ever return to superiority, 2012 is the best chance. However east division might be in decline in the future because all starting quarterbacks are in their 30’s and may retire in a few years.

You could well be right.

My take is:
Calvillo: well past it. admitted to fears last year of injury. I dont think he’ll last 6 games. A 40 year old worried QB is not my cup of tea and backups have not been allowed to play.
Ray: I think this was a great trade by Edmonton. His lack of mobility and soft , albeit accurate, passes led to WR injury. DB’s could just load up.
Burris: I think he’ll be good
Pierce: I think he’ll be great.

Lulay: MVP last year. Better this.
Jyles: will have a great year imo. finally a team that wants him. Mobile , and can rifle and throw deep.
Durant: we’ll see but this is his year. Either MVP calibre or bust. If I was Sask I’d get Jackson in case.
Tait: kinda soft arm but a great presence. I say he’ll be good.

So actually I’m on the west as far as overall QB strength by a hair.

you honestly think calvillo and ray are the worst qbs in the league?



I think they will be the two most under performing QBs in the league in 2012.

At the QB position the East is definitely in the driver's seat, where it falls apart for Winnipeg, Toronto and Hamilton is the Oline. I won't even bother defending Calvillo. Numbers speak for themselves and if he gets hurt Adrian is gonna do fine.

no definites in sports before games are played are there? just opinions

I agree that if an Eastern team has a chance for a crossover (or at least be stronger than the West), now would be the time. However, it seems that we've been saying this for the past few years and the West just comes out on top in the end. The last time the East had more wins than the west was in 2001 (21-11 record) and we were one Toronto win away from seeing the first eastern crossover. I think that for the league to prosper, the Eastern teams need to start to step up their game.

After 10 weeks, overall superiority of west division still prevails despite expected improvements in east division. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Now playoff chance of Saskatchewan crossing over to oust Hamilton is more probable than Winnipeg surpassing Calgary or Edmonton.