East Semifinal: Riders @ ORBs



Huge score for the Riders there. That might be it for Ottawa.

Still lots of time...never say die RB's

The injuries are piling up.

Regardless, they need to score a TD now and hold the Riders to 2 and out.

Youch! that was close!

Enjoy the games all. Hope they are entertaining games. Have to skate acouple games tonight so I’m DVRing and watching when I get home later. Go double colours and Go Bombers.

Great special teams play by the Riders there. Can really finish this game with a TD here with the short field.


Razzle to Dazzle! 8) 8)

Reverse Punt Return!

Harris fighting it today .

Jones having his way today again . TSN 3 not showing the game ? Can sask fans see the game without getting all TSN channels .

Redblacks too busy practicing TD celly's than the game plan.

Ottawa will have to do something exceptional very soon to get back in this game , they are almost to the point of no return

Yikes Harris playing poorly that was an easy pick .

Jones getting testy with the cameras . Shows him on the field ???or giving signals something under his thin skin .

I think the redblacks are missing. Henry right. Now

RB's need a quick TD to have any hope of pulling this one out!

They are moving the ball but time isn't their friend right now....and

there is your chance and you drop it!!!

and it ain't happenin' !

Hope Toronto has a good crowd for the final next week

anyone know how ticket sales are going in TO?

Unfortunately, this is just adding proof in Henry's mind that he was the reason the Redblacks won the cup last year.

Way to go Riders. Two more wins.

Not going to happen - and even the fans are starting to desert the sinking ship! Turnover on downs!
Happy for all my ex-Ticats in green and white! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Probably - after all they engraved "Thanks Hank" on the inside of their rings! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

So is Jones going to want to hold practices on Parliament Hill again this week? ;D ;D ;D