East Semifinal: Riders @ ORBs

OH OH!!! This could be a problem! :o

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13m13 minutes ago

Key officials for #CFL playoff game between #Redblacks v. #Riders
Referee: Kim Murphy
Replay: Jeff Harbin
Video: Jake Ireland

What Riders do to RedBlacks

Hey Redblacks.

Try some tackles.

That looked way to easy.

After the pathetic effort against the Esks for 3rd, I will assume no.

This looks like it is going to be a CRACKING GOOD GAME OF FOOTY. ( Aussie phrase ).

Lets keep the comments on the game.

How bout we keep the negative Rod Black comments out of it.

Good game so far!

Go RedBlacks Go!

Glenn's never been a great runner, but that just looked really, really awkward. Looked like he almost tripped three times before crumpling to the ground. Lucky he did, or he would have been squished between those two Redblack defenders. Unfortunately for those two, he wasn't between them when they came together.

Ellingson drops, awww, thats too bad!

Chad Owens is hurt. Shocking.

Perfect timing on that hit on Owens

Glen looks good so far. , keep it up boys

Ellingson blows his knee out doing the "limbo" :o

That’s the way boys pick another one

No flags in this game so far...good rhythm in the game
RB's have to tighten up on defense and NO MORE turnovers!

The Riders must now contain Dionte Spencer to win this game,
he is the only player that can win it for OTT

I am thinking a big second half for the RBS.

Not so much the Riders are playing well, RBS have just played horrible.

To much time off ?


Rod Black calling someone a stripper. ;D

Good start for the RB's in the 2nd half with the recovery of the fumble
Would have been nice to get 7 out of it but 3 is OK

Go RedBlacks Go!