East Semifinal: Riders @ ORBs

I am not anticipating a great/close game in the WSF. would be happy to be wrong.

SSK has played well on the road lately , winning their last 4 road games!

This should be a great game before a sellout crowd.

Not many tickets left.

CFL News?
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#Redblacks announce 2,500 tickets are still available for Sunday's East Division semi-final.

I don't think so myself. It would be a first and seen as an anomaly. It would take a few years of the west crossing over and cruising to the Grey Cup for attitudes to change and I don't see that happening.

This year and last the cross over team has had a better record than the entire east division but previously the cross over had to face tougher opponents. The top 2 were good teams, but there was a cross over because 3 and 4 were the worst 2 teams in the league.

Those should be gone soon.

Are they selling the temporary end zones (or in part)for this game?

Interesting if Jones will start Bridge or stick to the MO of Glenn then switching if things do not go well.

Bridge did not look all that great against the Esks.

This game is hard to figure.

Neither team dominated the other in the 2 games they played.

Regardless, should be a good one.

Easy call. Glenn has lots of playoff experience and Bridge does not. Glenn got you here, Bridge helped out. Glenn is your best shot and you still have confidence in Bridge to come off the bench.

Starts Bridge over Glenn it could send a message that backfires on you if he has a bad start while a bad start by Glenn is just another opportunity for the young back up to prove his worth.

I don't see an upside to starting Bridge.

Yes, I agree with you here.

I was not suggesting Bridge start, I was just wondering, because with Jones you just never know.

I liked Glenn when he was here. He got us to the 2012 Cup, but he got all the blame when we lost.

Would not mind at all to see him get a ring.

Redblacks web link to purchase tickets is down.

Is calling in the only way?

Just my 2 cents. I doubt Jones would do different. He's belligerent, arrogant and maybe a little self centred but one thing he is not is stupid.

No, they are greyed out on the ticket site.
They don't have the concessions or porta-potties in place under the temp stands.

This was my favorite Grey Cup play of all time.

Second was the 1971 Leon M fumble. ( Yes Leo it WAS a fumble )

Third was the 1989 Tony Champion catch. ( Guy had a busted rib remember ).

Based on this year, it should be a close game.

I think the Riders have a few more weapons on offense, but very nervous about their run defense. They don't seem to have anyone in the middle of the d-line that can stop a run.

Edmonton o-line seemed to just lean on them, to get first downs.

Powell is running great for RB's.

I say Riders sneak out the win, by a field goal. So compared to the previous two games, it will be a blow out. :smiley:

Since the Redblack's manhandled the Riders for 200+ on the ground, the Riders have actually only given up 264 yards on the ground over 4 games and a 4.0ypc average. , including the rematch where they only got 62...though one could argue the Redblacks under rushed, as they have probably been the best rushers against the Riders on YPC average all season. Riders have been a mixed bag when it comes to the run stop...they can be really good one game but poor the next...they ended up 4th in the league in run defense, which reflects that. Definitely a key point to the game though

Another key is 1st down production. I know...it sounds silly to say that because of course it is always important...but here is the thing...I think it is the most interesting aspect of this matchup. The ORBs 1st down run D is #1 in the league, even though they land #7 in overall run D...but they sacrifice by being the 8th in the league in 1st down pass D. The Riders are a pass first team on 1st Down...well...on every down, so this works into their advantage on paper. meanwhile, the Riders are the #1 pass D on <10yard passes...to be effective on first down you need to have protection to throw 15+...their run D on1st is middle of the pack. Harris is a gut who can buy that split second in those situations and they have solid power running that will get into that spread out backfield that is blanketing for passes. This will, IMO be the difference in this game...whomever wins that battle.

My pleasure. One of my many many nicknames is The Helper and I'm glad I was a part of you changing your stance to a more logical and sensible one.

I'll be right there with you cheering on the Roughriders [not figuratively but at least in spirit]......

Well , I said I would ponder it. Not so much changing my mind.

The debate will continue, but it would be great if the East could win a few more games.

This game is to close to call either a favourite to win.

I am looking FWD to this one.

......Really a close one to call.....Going with Ottawa only because it's in their park and they are pretty well rested with the bye week and week to get ready...It might not be enough though as Riders are coming on strong ....They'll make this one close and could miss going to the eastern final by a hair.

This game is evenly matched, but our disadvantage of not having our best ground game concerns me. Not only do we need to be consistent in all 3 phases, we need our passing game to carry a bigger load. Not sure what weather could do either. Roosevelt back sure helps the QBs, and should dilute RedBlacks secondary.

I think it's gonna be close, and time of possession and FG consistency could be the difference.

This is where I am torn...they don't have a good home record for whatever reason. They had 3 wins there this year, and 2 last year.

I think the big test for the Redblacks is that Carter and Roosevelt are both starting at WR...something that has not happened in a while. They have essentially not had either for a few weeks on O. That is a massive boost...so much so that Holley likely sits and he is most definitely starter worthy...you just can't sit Owens with how he has played. That could really open the door for someone else in this game.

The big thing for the Riders is stopping Powell. Even though he didn't have a lot of yards in the last meeting he had a good average and was steady when he got the ball. The game before that he of course cruised over the Riders for 200+. Riders have shown they can stop the run...just not consistently and not against Ottawa. Conversely, the Riders will be without a true grinding hard-yard RB...that could be an issue as the Redblacks give up the most average yards on first down...harder to get that final couple without a bruising back.

Next game up , go riders’

Beautiful day in Ottawa for the game. 4c, no wind, and sunny.