East Semifinal: Riders @ ORBs

They went 1-1 against each other, trading a pair of one point road wins.

Now that is one evenly matched season series.

Who’s gonna win the rubber match?

Hmmmm, let's see. Ottawa is hosting with an abysmal home record and far too much time off in the last month against a team with a winning road record who has scored more points and given up fewer.

The Riders recovered from a horrid start to blow past pre season favourites BC and make the playoffs. Ottawa amassed an 8-9-1 record primarily because of their inability to beat playoff bound teams (1-8-1 against playoff teams).

Gee this is too close to call. ;D ;D

Tried to say that with a straight face. ;D

Down Slim Avenue - Willy Powell grits and grinds yardage as Ottawa moves on to the East Final.

So you are picking the team that's well rested because they are hosting the only playoff team that they beat, who just lost a game by more points than they scored, which is the only reason they are crossing over in the first place?

Hmmm. Interesting...

I would have expected you to favour the Riders in this one. But what do I know.

That's why this one is a tough call. You can make a case for Ottawa.

Only playoff team the colours2 beat ids the Riders and it was down the stretch. The Riders are Jekyll and Hyde; will the team that beat the Stamps 3 weeks ago show up or the team that choked in the final game. Finally, Ottawa is coming off a bye week. While history has shown the bye is far less important during the playoffs having a bye prior to the playoffs is kind of like a regular season bye.

I'm still going with the Green Riders but wouldn't be surprised if the old Riders win. So with that little gem out there I'm picking the Riders....I'm just not saying if its the Rough Riders or the Roughriders. :wink:

I am anticipating this might be one of the best games of the playoffs. If both teams hit this in stride it should be one of those games that come down to a few distinct plays.

Expecting a close game, too.

How are ticket sales coming in Toronto for the Eastern Final? SSK fans travel well, but if Ottawa wins this weekend, we'll help sell out your stadium on the 19th like we did last November. :wink:

Well if it's anything like the last time these two met in the play-offs it should be a dandy !!!

until the Riders can prove their Oline can protect their QB and the defense is not this ridiculous 30 defense, i dont see the Riders winning.

Apparently you've missed how well our defence played in this formation the last half of the season. That's what got us in the playoffs.

Uphill battle without Blue

Tony Gabriel!

Nothing against the Riders or Rider Nation.

Yet I hope the RB’s blow the Riders out.

That way the dumb idea that the easy way to the Cup is the east cross over will stop.

3rd place and 2 road wins is tough regardless of division.

It's too bad Nichols doesn't have another week to heal they should be hosting the semi final of the league . They earned it .

Ottawa my team has no business hosting the Riders and be at the same level as the Bombers .

Too bad it hurts the league image in a city that has fallen in love of the Redblacks .
Cheap antiquated system needs to end next year or Ambrosie doesn't get it and we have another yes man .

Insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results .

Why would this stop this talk? Lucky number 11 or something?

What will likely stem it is once the East finally crosses.

I think both this one and the Blue-Boasters vs. Schmoes will be excellent games that come down to the last few minutes.

To be fair I have to give the coaching edge to Frozen Chris Jones in the eastern adventure - as Porky Campbell seems to be flailing a tad.

Ottawa D will give Mutt 'n Jeff (Bridge/Glenn) a real test.

In the west the odds go down as follows:

  • 45% chance the thing goes down to the last few minutes
  • 35% chance the Esks lay a lickin' on the bombers (10+ pt. differential)
  • 10% chance the Esks win in OT
  • 10% chance the bombers win big, win small or win in OT

This is some weird logic......

Some folk may think that but anyone with any CFL knowledge knows that calling it the "easy way" is a misnomer and not accurate.

Your Lions are out and you should be embracing the Roughriders to go all the way and thus maybe force the weak eastern teams to wake up.......

Well, I have read this and thought about what you have suggested.

Your viewpoint does make logic sense.

If the Riders do win 2 road games in the East, it would wake them up.

Thanks for making me ponder this.

Well the redblack don’t have hank behind centre this playoff, and hank was possessed last year. He really made it happen. But the riders need to watch their penalties to , should be a great game.

Big question is :

What Rider team will show up ?

The Riders who blew out the Stamps and Esks ?
Both on the road.


The Riders that sucked against Ottawa and most recent Edmonton ?
Both at home.