East Semifinal - Leos @ Ticats - Sunday 1:pm EST

Yes they are noticeable .


Johnny gets to be a Ticat slayer for at least another week! BC is getting beaten up real good!

I am sure B.C. will make a push in the 2nd half. Same thing happened against Ottawa and the Ticats lost.

Of course, another TD before half time certainly would help. :slight_smile:

Your Ticats were really ready for this game. It’s not over till it’s over, but the Ticats are looking good.

I missed voting in the poll.

Put me down for a vote for Ti-Cats. They can’t miss today!

See. No need for the crossover.

Even the Argos could have done better than this. 8)

Wally should feel embarrassed; his staff is getting exposed. Jones is outcoaching Mark Washington, and Jerry Glanville is outcoaching Jarious Jackson.

You mean Als :wink:

Me thinks this lead should be attributed to the New Speedy B ,lol. The new Speedy Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Stegal and Burris are styling it today .

Cool duds .

Loved the one minute of silence it was classy and emotional watching it from home .

Wally coaching his last game reminds me of Jimmy Johnson’s last playoff game .

Also like the Shaw ad for the Grey Cup . The type of hype the league needs .

Revenue Stream the League needs, too.

Agree. We needed a bounce back after playing awful for the last month of the season. I can’t imagine us losing to Ottawa 4(!!!) times in one season…

We are going to the Grey Cup!!!

Wally doing an interview AND watching the Quarterback - at the same time.

He must have a(n evil) twin.

How much was Ric Flair paid to appear at this game?

Either B.C. looks incredibly bad or we look incredibly good. Both?

Definitely a penalty.

Keep this post with an * for next week.

No sir. That was a gift for you

Refs thought so, too. :slight_smile:

That’s all that matters. :wink: