East Semifinal - Leos @ Ticats - Sunday 1:pm EST


The teams faced each other in a H-A back to back series in late September, with each team holding serve at home.

The scoring margin was noteworthy, as the Leos followed a hard fought three point home win by getting annihilated by thirty points in Ontario a week later.


Lions play for Wally, manage to pull out win by 5.

TiCats have this one…

Just checked the Eastern Final game…a crapload of tickets still available…

Hope to purchase 2 of those this Sunday at approx 4pm :slight_smile:

BC 12
Hamilton 23

And the Lions’ win was in an overtime session which was awarded to them by an overturned call that was far from conclusive, at 2 in the morning.
The question is, can the Cats do the same without Banks? Of course they have Tasker, and Mike Jones has really come into his own this season. They’ll need to use Sinkfield for more than just kick returns, and McDaniel has started to show that he can still be that clutch receiver. It won’t be a 40-10 blowout, but I still see this going Hamilton’s way.


The Lions always seem to pull out a dud when they have to travel to the east to play a playoff game.


Johnny is gonna have to be his Ticat slaying self this week. GO LIONS!! :slight_smile:

HAMILTON , just has too many injuries to win. B.C.s only problems are they are playing on the road and they have to fly in from the West Coast.

TiCats win a close one! :wink:

The game will be on Espn News in The States. 8)

The sun has risen on Game Day! And it looks like it is going to be a pretty good day for some playoff football here in the Hammer.

3C with a sun/cloud mix - with maybe even the odd wet flurry thrown in. Winds from the SW (right to left as you watch on TV) at 17 km/hr with gusts of 25 km/hr.


Time break out my black Ti-Cats stuff to be part of 'The Blackout' OSKEE WEE WEE!

Enjoy the game

Mr. Burris is wearing his sport jacket inside-out.

Great start for the Cats .

Wow, the Ticats are really showing those Leos what it’s like.

Wow 21 zip .

Addison playing tough .

…pfft, this game is pretty much done already…


Disappointed in the empty seats - I say, as I sit in my recliner.

Expect a 2nd half come back.

Pasquale gonna get himself fired . . . . ! ! !