i cannot wait to see EVERYONE there! i do have a few suggestions! first: how about some fireworks during player intros and after each score? it would bring energy and excitement to the crowd! besides, who does not like fireworks?

second: lets ALL wear BLACK! i would say yellow but i doubt everyone has yellow shirts/jackets.

third: can the jets do a fly over again????

fourth: bring back robbe the tiger

fifth: how about black towels with ticats logos on them, or " eat em raw" , to be handed out to everyone entering the game?

just a few thoughts

Id like to see a complete sellout and then some with the extra seats they used lastime the greycup was here!

I wanna see two things.

A sell out crowd

and a Tiger-Cat team ready to play.

I remember going to the Skydome to watch Hamilton lose to Damon Allen and the dreaded ones a bunch of years ago.
Prefontaine was their best player, and Cheatwood got two nasty unnecessary roughing calls against him BUT,

Does anyone know when our last home playoff game was?....I seriously can not remember.