East Semi final - Ticats VS Als

I am going to be optimistic and say the Als win a close one 27-24.

Although, i have no confidence in the Als oline and dline, i agree.
My Bold Prediction​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. They will knock Evans out of the game in the first quarter.

For the Als to win, the o-line and DBs will have to be at their best. And hopefully we don't run into a hot Dane Evans should he not get knocked out in the 1st quarter.

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It will be important to find a way to put pressure on Evans quickly and not let Hamilton establish the run game

Sunday's Weather dot com forecast calls for 17° C by noon (high of 19° C) with a 78% chance of rain. Which QB does best on a cool rainy day?

According to the latest forecast from the weather network, rain should end by late morning. 19 degrees is far from cool..tshirt weather for me!:smiley:

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I would give a slight edge to Harris, only because he works the underneath stuff a lot, and short passes are easier to complete than long ones.

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And with that, I would imagine Cats d will play with that in mind.

The wind will be more important than the possibility of rain.

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It's not a secret. Everyone knows we are the dink-and-dunk team by now, sadly. If I had faith, I'd hope that the coaches came up with some well-executed tendency-busting plays to surprise Mark Washington, but it's hard to be optimistic.

Going to think positive… there will be some creative play calling

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I hope you're right. The other issue is that when we get creative, it never works and the other team always seems to read it pre-snap.

Absolument! Sur la première séquence, 3ième et 4 à notre ligne de 12 (punitions oblige), on y va avec une passe télégraphiée dans le flanc en double couverture! :wink:

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Do you guys think Cole Spieker is going to start or at least dress for the East Semi-final?

Based on the Alouettes updated roster, Cole Spieker is on 1 game injured list, along with Mike Jones -WR- , Chris Schleuger, Anthony Texada and Michael Wakefield who all played last Saturday. Kevin Kaya is on the practice roster.

Vincent Desjardins, Eugene Lewis, Nafees Lyon, Almondo Sewell, Nick Usher and Jake Wieneke, are all in.


Jabari Ellis who also played last Saturday is also out, on 1 game injury list.


This was the average completion for each CFL QB this season. This would include YAC yards but that should balance out.

Collaros 13.7 yds.
Cornelius 13.5
Rourke 13.1
Evans 12.7
Harris 12.6
Bethel-Thompson 12.2
Fajardo 11.9
Maier 11.5
Arbuckle 11.3

So it is wrong to claim Harris as a dink & dunker.

You look at Harris's passing charts (from Ferguson) every week, you have objective evidence that he doesn't push the ball downfield more than maybe once or twice per game. Forget average completion, because YAC doesn't balance out. A QB who throws mostly underneath stuff is relying on his receivers to pile up yards after catch on slants, WR screens, RB screens, and so on.

Go back and look at those passing charts. They're still up. Harris works the short and low-intermediate passing game almost exclusively.

Kristian Matte who was out last Saturday, is in this Sunday.


From Marshall Ferguson:

On the other side of course is the master of playoff precision, Trevor Harris.

For me the story of Harris’ playoff journeys has been his unearthly ability to know where to go with the football. He is so well prepared that the game appears to flow through his right arm without effort or thought. The ball simply transitions from snap to throw and tackle in a rhythmic fashion worthy of a Ricky Ray or now Montreal Alouettes offensive coordinator Anthony Calvillo.

While Harris has not reached those legendary levels of playoff success, his individual playoff performances have often been nothing short of spectacular over the past four seasons. Even in playoff losses, including the 2019 Eastern Final loss as a member of the Edmonton Elks when Harris fell to Evans and the Tiger-Cats, he has been surgical.

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