East Semi- Final- Montreal at Hamilton

Please insert *** ALL***of your favourite expletives and borrow some from your neighbour ! ! !

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Aucune discipline…j’aime bien Jones mais je crois que c’est fini pour lui à Montréal. Maciocia va amener son ami Thorpe…ce qui serait une mauvaise décision.

Khari is a nice guy but too often the team doesn't seem to have a collective "cool" to survive adversity

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Levels has a big mouth!

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We need a coach, not a friend. I hope we fire Khari Jones, and hold a real QB battle for next season. Vernon Adams Jr. is not the answer.

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Well, this team is exactly who we thought they were.

A .500 team with no discipline and no ability to avoid shooting themselves in the foot with costly mistakes.

I want Khari back next year, but next year is his make-or-break year. If we don't show improvement across the board, it's time to find someone else.

It seems like when the pressure is on, the team has no mental fortitude and just collapses into mistakes and penalties. That has to improve.

If Khari is back he needs a couple of new assistants/coordinators who can enforce some discipline ... he also needs someone to inject some creativity in the offence ... and, whoever is the HC, the special teams need to be seriously upgraded (they obviously need a couple of legitimate punt/kick returners AND I suspect some better schemes for them to work within).

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The players are obviously the idiots who lose composure, but the $64,000 question is how much is also on Khari and the coaching staff.


Did anyone notice the Als player who was somewhat near Banks on his TD?!

A team takes its cue from the coaches. If there is no accountability for players who lose their composure, then there will be no discipline and no focus. Trestman would never have tolerated what we've seen this year. Khari has to make discipline a key part of his own offseason gameplan to improve as a head coach.

OL is being dominated ... to my untrained eye, Washington should not be in there ... it doesn't help that it has been a patchwork all season ... now Vercheval noting that Jameson had a hard time getting off the field and the Als have only 6 OL dressed (from what IO can see) ... yikes

David Menard in the concussion protocol per Didier (RDS)

Foucault is also pretty weak.


Jameson seems to be out

He is part of the revolving door ... likely shouldn't be more than a backup


TD = Step One

Als evidently cannot participate in a punt without taking a penalty putting themselves in a hole.


What exactly constitutes a holding penalty today ... on the play to end the 3rd quarter Usher ended up with an OL riding on his back right down to the turf

BIG sack ... need a decent PR ... 18 yard PR is exactly what they needed