East Semi- Final- Montreal at Hamilton

We know. He cut the Als to little pieces in the 2019 East-semi final.

It is still Vernon Adams team and he will be a big part from his role on the sideline. Unfortunately only so much he can do.

Best of luck to your team. Hoping to see a competitive game but this might come down to who has the best footwear. That new turf at THF is pretty slick, saw it even on game days with high humidity, lots of guys slipping. If the Als still have some leftover staples from the 1977 Grey Cup, they would have been wise to pack them in their gear. :wink:

I have to assume that, despite practicing, Schiltz is not yet healthy enough to dress.

Nobody's really saying that, though. The question we're trying to figure out is why Patterson, a raw rookie, is backing up Harris, rather than Shiltz, who at least has experience in the league and who led us to a couple of wins earlier in the season.

Anyone who thinks Patterson should start over Harris ... lol. That's fubar to me. And I say that despite feeling that Adams/Shiltz should be the combo next year. But let next year look after itself. Right now, I am Trevor Harris's biggest fan and I want him to shred Hamilton's D.

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I am fairly certain that Khari Jones chose Shea Patterson over Matt Shiltz because Patterson has done well as the short yardage quarterback. Jones is taking a calculated risk that having a backup come in and get the 1st down is more important than having a backup come in over for Harris to lead the offense.

Jones is also taking a chance that Geno Lewis, Tony Washington, and Almondo Sewell are healthy and can perform as expected.

As am I.

Les fans des Timinous sont inquiets. Ils disent que tant qu’à avoir une punition de 15 verges, envoyez Harris à l’hôpital. C’est clair que c’est leur plan de match.

Not certain why they had Normand lined up on the right-side when they were running left ... don't think it fooled anyone ... and it also seemed like the Cats were certain it would be a run ... that said ... GREAT first drive ... especially given where they started.

Est-ce que les Alouettes peuvent commencer à passer un peu plus.

Ils ont entendu

K-J-G ! ! ! ! !

Sibole…on a zéro l’instinct de tueur.

Can't call them anything more than Kick Return Teams ... NOTHING in the least "Special" about the return game for the Als

Cover teams no great shakes either.

Please insert your favourite expletive

On va remettre le ballon à Stanback et espérer qu’il traverse 12 gars. Incapable d’ajuster son plan de match. La petite passe à CAP pourrait fonctionner. Pourquoi ne pas. Utiliser sa force de passeur? On est tellement prévisible. Petite remise à Stanback, aucune ouverture, 2 verges de gain. Ensuite, pression sur Harris, on dégage.

Et Foucault…:thinking:

Please insert several of your favourite expletives

…mon dieu

(That’s all I know, but it seems appropriate)

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Please insert *** ALL***of your favourite expletives

The pass was likely intercepted even if RWJ doesn't slip ... pass was behind him or the route was off.

What an implosion by the Als!
Serious changes need to be made in the offseason.