East Semi- Final- Montreal at Hamilton

Big challenge for this team and their coaching staff...

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We can get by without Gagnon, but if Lewis can't suit up, I don't see how we have a chance of winning. Hamilton will just throw a blanket over Wieneke and dare us to beat them with any other receiver.

Weather might favour the Alouettes and their run game.


It would be great with Lewis but I think the Als D line will have a good day against that O-line.

Stanback will be of help of course and I think Bray and White will play well too. I'm hoping a clean game with few turnovers and penalties will take place. I just see Montreal as the MUCH tougher team. I also see Harris being excellent. Montreal by 6. (he said hopefully)

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Hope to be wrong, but with or without Lewis, I don't see the Alouettes winning. Defensively, Hamilton emphasis will be to stop the run and I expect them to succeed. Offensively, they will run the ball and attempt many long completions and they will also succeed.

I don't sound too optimistic, but, to me, Hamilton has a better team. I see the winner of this game representing the East in the December 12,2021 Grey Cup.


From Herb Zurkowsky:

“We’re still holding out hope that he’ll (Geno Lewis) be ready to play, but have plans if he’s not,” head coach Khari Jones said. “Of course we want to have him, but we want him able to perform. We’ll have to see. I’m still optimistic he’s going to play.”

(If not,) It would also allow the Tiger-Cats’ pass defence to concentrate more on stopping Jake Wieneke , who caught 56 passes for 898 yards while scoring 11 touchdowns. Dante Absher, who dressed for only five games, would replace Lewis. Absher caught five passes for 90 yards.

At least the Als still have veteran quarterback Trevor Harris although, in a surprise move, rookie Shea Patterson — not Matthew Shiltz — will continue backing him up.

Veteran rush-end Almondo Sewell (back) will also be a game-time decision, although he appears closer to being activated than Lewis. And it’s virtually certain former NFL tailback Cameron Artis-Payne will be dressed to back up CFL leading rusher William Stanback .

Not only does Artis-Payne, a former Carolina Panther, provide insurance in case Stanback is hurt, he also can be used to return kicks — an area in which the Als have struggled since an injury to Mario Alford. While Alford has practised this week, he’s unlikely to dress.

Guard Philippe Gagnon (calf) hasn’t practised since Wednesday and probably will be replaced by David Foucault.

Appearances Team Wins Losses Win % Last Win
25 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11 14 .440 2019
23 Toronto Argonauts 17 6 .739 2017
23 Edmonton Elks 14 9 .609 2015
21 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8 13 .381 1999
19 Saskatchewan Roughriders 4 15 .211 2013
18 Montreal Alouettes 7 11 .389 2010
17 Calgary Stampeders 8 9 .471 2018
10 BC Lions 6 4 .600 2011
3 Ottawa Redblacks 1 2 .333 2016

J’aime ça aller narguer les suffisants fans des Timinous.

La seule équipe à ne pas avoir gagné de Coupe Grey au 21e siècle. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

LB Brian Harelimana from 1-game Injured List
LB Tre Watson from 1-game Injured List
WR Geno Lewis from 1-game Injured List
OL Tony Washington from 1-game Injured List
OL David Brown from 6-game Injured List
RB Cameron Artis-Payne from 1-game Injured List

LB Frederic Plesius to 1-game Injured List
LB Reshard Cliett to Practice Roster
WR Dante Absher to 1-game Injured List
OL Nick Callender to Practice Roster
OL Patrick Davis to 1-game Injured List
KR Martese Jackson to 1-game Injured List

Taylor Tappin who was taken from the Practice Roster last week and dress for Ottawa apparently has returned to the team.

Looks like the Ti-Cats (for the 4th time this season) will implement the strategy of starting a Canadian for 1 series, pulling him out due to injury, and then replacing him with an American for the rest of the game.

I suspect Lewis and Payne are on there to keep Hamilton guessing but will not be dressed.

Would be irresponsible for the Alouettes to include on the roster/depth chart 2 players that they don't intend to dress. Yes, Lewis or any player, could be injured during the game but I am positive that the Alouettes will start the game with 44 players dressed. As for most of the games during the season, N DL Lawson will be the healthy scratch.


As far as I know, Cameron Artis-Payne is healthy. No reason for him not to be in uniform. Should Geno Lewis, Almondo Sewell, or Tony Washington become unable to play, the only option would to dress Cam Lawson instead. He is just one player though.

If the plan is not dressing more than 1 listed on your gameday roster, then that means you intend on playing shorthanded which as Richard says is irresponsible.

I think he may have meant that "but ONE will not be dressed".

Thanks Richard, my apologies, I was thinking they could only dress 42 of the 44. That rule was change in recent years.

Curious why Matt Shiltz is not on the roster ahead of Patterson seeing he is participating in practice. If Harris goes down early that will be it.

Personally liked Shiltz over Harris but trust the team to know best.

It boggles my mind why people would want to start a guy who did okay in 2 starts, winning his first one over the league's worst team by forcing a very bad decision into tight double coverage and was only bailed out by his receiver for his only TD pass of the game, over a proven all-star caliber QB with a history of totally shredding defenses across the country for the past 5 years.

Trevor Harris is the best QB that Montreal has had since Calvillo. I know that that bar is set rather low but Harris clears it easily.

On ne souhaite pas nécessairement que Shiltz soit le quart partant. On est juste dubatif quant aux raisons de son exclusion de l'alignement alors qu'il avait relativement bien performé.

Guaranteed Harris will be trying. Career is on the line imo.

That is a very fair point, but we see comments like this one, which is rather mild all over this forum.

Some of the anti-Harris is out-and-out hate. Stuff like, "I sure hope Harris isn't still here in '22." "I'm not sold on Harris at all, hes done nothing in his career" or "Als don't have a chance with Harris".

We see this all over the forum, not just from Als fans.

Maybe, because that is not what people are suggesting.

The question is if Harris is injured. Patterson has not thrown one meaningful pass in the CFL. Not who starts. Clearly, if Schiltz is not injured this is a reckless decision.

If Harris is injured is the question in THIS thread, but ever since Harris arrived the forum has been littered with posts like "Shiltz is way better than Harris".

Shiltz played pretty good in 2 games, not amazing, pretty good, which was great considering how little faith anyone had in him before the injury to Adams, based on the fact that he'd shown pretty much nothing in his entire career before that. He played decently in 2 starts where they relied heavily on a successful ground game, and in the Toronto game in particular the defense gave him field position with turnovers. He did well, better than anyone expected, full credit to him there.

But Trevor Harris has made a living shredding defenses in this league for several years now. He has a large body of work to prove it. In 2019 alone he threw for 3900 yards in just 12 games, running away with the passing lead and would have been MoP if he had not gotten injured.

So he comes to Montreal a month ago and people are saying stuff like "Gee, I hope Harris doesn't see the field".