East Semi- Final- Montreal at Hamilton

The Tiger-Cats dont lose often at home; while the Alouettes can always win, I definitely believe that the Alouettes 2021 season will end on November 28,2021. I hope to be wrong.

The weather for this day presently calls for rain or snow and windy, as it in most of the time.

For a chance to win, the Alouettes have to dress both William Stanback and Cameron Artis-Payne; I know that an American player will have to come off, but Artis-Payne has to be in. I still expect that they will dress 4 A receivers- they did not dress 5 last night- as they have done all year, so the American coming out will come from another position. LB or DB or KR. Martese Jackson has had no impact as a returner and he would be the one that I would pull off. Artis-Payne is more needed that Jackson.


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Les Tiger-Cats ont été très bon cette année pour contenir Stanback. J'espère comme toi qu'on aura une formation à deux porteurs de ballon mais je crois aussi que ce sera la dernière partie des Alouettes en 2021.

Cameron Artis-Payne
Carries: 44
Yards: 223
Average: 5.1
Fumbles: 2
Fumbles Lost: 2

Jeshrun Antwi
Carries: 36
Yards: 176
Average: 4.9
Fumbles: 2
Fumbles Lost: 2

From what I recall, Artis-Payne was fortunate not to have a 3rd fumble as he lost the ball just after he crossed the goal line.

Should the team not dress Martese Jackson, Adarius Pickett would be among the returners. Pickett has fumbled 5 times this year and lost 3.

At this point given no one has been effective getting any return yardage, have someone back there who will hang on to the ball at the very least.


Oh boy. Could we get through the 2 games today before we start playoff threads?

This is under the Alouettes page and not the CFL talk page.

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ah so it is, my apologies

I would take long range weather forecasts with a grain of salt....usually wrong. Yes CAP should be in the lineup. Double whammy with Stanback.

According to the Alouettes in jury report, the following players, amongst others, were full participant:

KR and WR Mario Alford
OL David Brown
OL Philippe Gagnon
WR Eugene Lewis
RB William Stanback
QB Matthew Shiltz

OL Tony Washington did not participate.


Alford return could add a spark on the special team, that could be a game changer.

While the Als were only 7-7, Quote-machine Patrick Levels said no team has dominated the Als this year. The Als problem is they beat themselves. With the regular season over, he no longer wants to discuss that subject. Levels then guarantees an Als win against Hamilton and starts to call out the Ti-Cat players. Media is amused with Herb Zurkowsky wondering aloud about a future when Levels is no longer there to give them writing material.

Under than the usual bumps and bruises, William Standback gave no specific injury as the reason he came out in the 2nd quarter. He said he could have stayed in the game if that is what the coaches had wanted. Stanback says he is now 100% and is ready for Hamilton.

When Danny Maciocia shows up, Herb Zurkowsky says Patrick Levels has motivated him enough to be inserted into the Als defense. Maciocia jokes that Zurkowsky is unable to cover and could not get onto the field. Maciocia then tells everybody that it is Zurkowsky's fault for Levels giving out quotes that could be turned into bulletin board material for Hamilton.

Maciocia said he gave himself 3 weeks to sign the 4 OL. He started the middle of last week and in a span of 72 hours, he got all 4 under contract.

Khari Jones said taking the Redblacks lightly was not the reason why they lost. Jones did not regret not dressing Cameron Artis-Payne as he could not have predicted what would happen. He declined to answer whether or not Artis-Payne dresses for the Hamilton game. Jones then laughs and says if they wanted to, the media could bait Patrick Levels every week into making Alouette win guarantees.

He said the difference between this year and the 2019 team so far is that the 2019 squad was able to make a few plays when it was needed.

Tony Washington was held out today for precautionary reasons as today was a walk-through. He is expected to practice on day 1. Right now, he has not been ruled out for the Hamilton game.

David Menard was experimenting at being the long-snapper.

Frederick Plesius was the only injury from the last game.

Looks like the team will be at full strength (almost everybody healthy) for the Eastern Semi-Final.

Both David Brown and Mario Alford have been added to the active roster.
Frederick Plesius to the injured list. Reshard Cliett to the practice roster.

I like Levels's attitude. Everyone is so mild-mannered in the press now and terrified of saying anything interesting. At least Levels gives good copy.


If they all put the effort Pat puts in. They would hardly ever lose a game.


Khari had exactly the right response to it too. He laughed and noted that Levels has that attitude. It's who he is.

Cats fans already screaming blue murder about this on their forum. :grin:

Ok to have attitude but I am not one for players “guaranteeing a win”.
Much prefer a player who’s play speaks louder than words.
This just brings unnecessary attention IMHO.

I like this stuff. It's good for the game. Doesn't matter whether the player turns out to be true or not. Nobody needs a reason to play harder. If you're a Cats player and you need Patrick Levels guaranteeing a win to get motivated, that's pretty sad.

The other thing is that Levels is a GREAT player. He walks the walk.

Highly doubt a Cats player will need Level’s comment to get motivated.
Hopefully he does back up his talk.

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Khari Jones is evaluating whether or not Mario Alford plays on Sunday. Jones would be more inclined to put him in next week instead (provided the Als are still playing).

Still undecided as to who (Shea Patterson or Matt Shiltz) dresses as the 2nd quarterback.

Expectation is Tony Washington will play.

Unsure if Philippe Gagnon can go as David Foucault took reps at left guard today.

When Jones was asked if he was going to guarantee a win, he replied: "My name isn't Levels".

Is there going to be an Alouettes "pep rally" this weekend before the game? I'd like to watch that if it's going to be streamed live.

Hope the Als shutout the T-Cats.

Khari Jones said Geno Lewis tweaked his groin which is why he did not participate on today. If Lewis cannot practice on Friday, then he will be replaced on the gameday roster.

Philippe Gagnon who was unable to complete practice on Wednesday, sat out on Thursday. He most likely is out for the game on Sunday.