East Semi-Final: Eskimos @ Bombers

lets get another one guys.

He was good is Sask, but unfortunately, he was mediocre in Edmonton... granted he was injured for most of the season. But at least we got him back for the most important game.

time for a fake

Second time we roll out the red carpet for Hall. I sure hope they see this at halftime and make adjustments. We can't keep leaving him open to put pressure on Ray.

I like that seam that Armstead found for the 93 yd TD run.

Go Bombers!!

Entertaining game I am happy.

Well, that was a stupid call. What a waste of a possession...

we still havn't run the ball , that worries me a little. didn't like the call either .

We should have gotten the first down, then gone for the long bomb.. Gambles are now 2-1.

I'd rather we use the passing game when we have the wind, as that's our strength and we have the advantage. We can use the run when we don't have the wind.

What worries is me is Harris stopping his motion on these screen plays... JUST KEEP RUNNING 'ROUND THE EDGE!

That's precisely why we shouldn't be running the ball when we have the wind... We should be passing, using the wind. Right now we're pissing that away with stupid plays, and it's going to cost us the game. If we had a smart coach...

Edit: I agree, Kristian, I noticed the same thing... if you're going to get the ball, just run for crying out loud.

Is Rod Black from Winnipeg?

We're lucky Winnipeg isn't moving the ball right now... Let's get a TD on this drive, guys. We might only get one more possession after this one...

I think we need 2 scores , On the positive the short game seems to be working ,and we can still use it against the wind.

Bertrand down... :?

Anyone know what Harris is wearing on his arms? Something to keep them warm...?

Can you spell all Alberta Grey Cup Yahooooooooo!

Bombes are done!! tell me why is a QB still in the game when he's 5 for 13 going into the 4th, Glenn will be gone next year and so should there coaching staff.

Harris stutters again, and Prefontaine bangs it off the post. Are they trying to kill our momentum...? :roll:

did we not go for it ! didn't we learn something from the BC game.

I thought Peterson was maybe half a yard shy. I was torn on whether or not we should have gone. it would have really put the pressure on the Bombers if we converted, but if we didn’t, it would have given them good field position with the wind.