East Semi-Final: Eskimos @ Bombers

So, the TSN panel is going to start discussing the Esks/Bombers game… have they really spent the last 40 minutes talking about B.C. and Sask…? :?

Oh well, this game starts in 16 minutes!

I thought they spent about half and half on both games difference being that instead of talking about the game they spent a bunch of minutes talking about Kahn and Cormiski. (I probably butchered the guys name.)

ugly empty seats...too bad.

I saw the special on Khan, but I must have missed the special on Comisky...

Incredibly slow start for both teams so far... I hope the wind lets up so we can actually get a game going...

What was that? Did no one think Hall was coming? They practically rolled out the red carpet for him. Once again our O-Line sucks...

And a TD catch... wonderful... :x

Nice play.

Shoulda faked it.

lets see what we can do with the wind , I guess we escaped the first quarter ok

Ray is not liking the weather...

I wanna see a heavy dose of Campbell whenever we have the wind at our backs.

Thank Jesus... If we hadn't gotten a TD on that great field position, I would have been incredibly upset... I'm glad Danny M. is gambling... and taking smart gambles.

Dm actually went for it :o I still think even though we have the wind at our backs we should start establishing a running game.

I guess I'm the only one who saw holding... :roll:

Whether there was a hold or not your team unforently still didn’t tackle him. Sure its a bad no call but if your team tackles him its a non-issue. This applys to all penalties Chief I’m not picking on you :slight_smile:

This is shaping up to be an exciting game. Love it.

Unsure of what side I'm on...although I'm leaning towards the Bombers.

Ray's got nothing but the underneath routes, good job Bombers.

I don't care... that hold gave him the hole he needed. It should have been called back.

I officially take back everything I said about Perry before. Bats the ball, picks it off, and runs it back for a TD. Thank you, Perry. Now follow that up with a 2 and out and we'll be talking...

nice to see Perry get one .

way to go Perry. He's had a quiet year, but I thought he was awesome in SSK.