East Semi: BC @ Montreal

Let's see if BC can be the second crossover team to win a game.

17 yard punt... Blatant drop by Green.. I hope this gets better

Couple punts to start off.

One thought: If Cuthbert and Suitor are calling this game, does that mean TSN gave the "prime time" game to Black and Forde? That seems odd.

I cant believe this game is on so early just so that TSN can show NFL tonight.

What is with Suitor's obsession with the tacklers record? Yes, we know, Elimimian "smashed" the record. Get over it already. I don't wanna listen to 3 hours of him droning on about one damn record. :roll:

Credit to Brown for faking that he was catching he punt. There were no Als that had a chance to get to and down the ball, but Brown was thinking.

It's smart. They can show the CFL and NFL. More viewers, money, etc.

Lazy commentary. Memorize stats and fill air time, avoid having to make actual analysis.

Sounds about right. :lol:

Nice catch by London after the Elimimian tip. But another punt.


Good read/guess on the Lions defence by sending in Marsh for the QB draw.

And great focus by London on the tip.

But a surprising miss by Carter on the bomb; he had a good shot at the ball.

Another drop.... So much for the NFL Cris...
This has to be the smallest crowd to ever have a spider camera. This isnt much larger than a TFC crowd.

Thank you Kevin.

Needless to say.. This game is turning into what I feared it would... Who wants to lose more.

Wow. Back-to-back picks. I hope the offences show up soon. The defences are here.

I was going to respond to the details of the post, but then I noticed who posted it.

"Nuff said.

Glenn's was just a stupid, panic choice; Crompton was hit and apparently has gone to the locker room.

"Get some adjustments made." Is he a robot? :expressionless:

Maybe the team chiropractor is in with him.

Or it could be an equipment issue.

Good pressure on both plays. I'd imagine we have more punts than first downs at this point.

Yeah, just seemed like an awkward comment. That was definitely a "we don't know what's going on so let's just fill air" comment.

From a TSN crew? Really? :lol: