East schedule down the stretch...like our odds

So right now it is a dog race for first place in the East with the TwoColours currently in the lead, and then the Cats and those Boatguys tied in second 3 points behind because of Ottawa's tie.

Here is what the schedule for each team looks like down the stretch.

Ottawa: Bye, @Cgy, Tor, @BC, Ssk, @Ham, Ham, @Wpg, Wpg
Could be a tough stretch if they can't manage to pick one up on the road and they need to at least go 3-1 at home ...those last 4 weeks will be their true test depending on how the Bombers are playing.

Toronto: @Ham, Ham, @Wpg, @Ott, @Mtl, Cgy, Ssk, @Cgy, Bye, @Edm
Toronto have put themselves in a bit of a bind going 1-5 at home in the first half of the season but still remain undefeated on the road...how long can that keep up? Blue team better hope it does with just 3 games left at BMO and ending the season with back to back games in Alberta.

Hamilton: Tor, @Tor, Mtl, @Ssk, Cgy, Bye, Ott, @Ott, Edm, Mtl
Some huge games against Eastern opponents down the stretch, especially the back to back sets with Toronto coming up and later with Ottawa, could tell the story at the end of the season if Hamilton can manage to go 3-1 in those 4 games. Huge benefit playing 5 out of the last 7 games at THF where they hopefully can find their mojo again with a whooping on Labour Day being a good place to start.

Looking at all three schedules, I would definitely rather be the Cats right now than the other two teams. Still this has been one wacky year so far, who knows what ends up happening but I have a feeling it will go right down to the last week of the season with a crossover in the cards.

Cats would put themselves in a very nice position if they can sweep the Argos with visits from the league basement in 2 weeks following. That Ottawa series scares the hell out of me though especially with that extra point giving Ottawa a one point edge, I really don't like the TwoTones their new shiny smell wore off real quick last season.

After looking at all the teams remaining schedules I did some projections myself for all 4 teams in the W/L department and here's what I came up with as to how I see the final standings looking like in the East this year when the dust finally settles.

My Projected Final Standings in the East :


Interestingly enough 3 Down Nation's Josh Smith did an article on this exact same topic and did his own projections that weren't that far off of mine. He predicted a 1rst place finish as well for the Cats but with one less win as me (10-8). We both had the same prediction for Ottawa (9-8-1). The 3rd and 4th positions though is where we didn't see eye to eye as Josh actually has Montreal finishing ahead of Toronto finishing up at 7-11 and the Argos finishing in last place at 6-12 . Regardless though of who finishes 3rd or 4th it's looking like a crossover scenario for this seasons play-offs unless something drastically happens in the 2nd half of the 2016 schedule.

Here is the article and projection from Josh Smith.........http://3downnation.com/2016/09/01/east-will-won/

3 Down Nation Projected Final Standings in the East :

Toronto...............6-12-0 -12

Hamilton.............10-8-0-20 Ottawa..................9-8-1-19 Montreal..............7-11-0-14 Toronto...............6-12-0 -12
I think his prediction would be close, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal all looking pretty ordinary. Ottawa has all the weapons and a great defense but just not firing on all cylinders. If they get it together they will be No 1, Chris Williams is a game breaker. Ticats have a better schedule right now, two games against the Argos and two more against the Als. Ottawa still has to go into BC and Calgary.