Why have Toronto and Montreal not had X's, indicating the clinching of a playoff berth put next to them on the Standings page :?:

Clearly, both of these teams have clinched berths in the playoffs, whether they be the Divison Championship or a second place berth.

Get it done already.

      PEPSIHEAD     <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Too right!!!

Welcome to the forum, PEPSIHEAD. but my dad works for Coke, so I guess that makes us rivals. :smiley:

i love pepsi....dr pepper, mountain dew, mugs rootbeer, and 7up.
coke is sick, and it gives me pasty-spit mouth.

.....maybe he prefers Coke to Pepsi, but Pepsihead looks better online than Cokehead would..... :slight_smile:

hahaha...funny....but noone prefers coke to pepsi

i remember back in school, we did a taste test of pepsi to cake....but b4 the test, u had to write down which you prefer.....so the class was split 15-15 infavor of each

...but when we did a blind taste test of pop 'A' and pop 'B' only 7 prefered the taste of pop 'A'...which turned out to be coke.

lesson: people who say they like coke, only like the brand, but prefer the taste of pepsi.

I have a friend who swears that coke and pepsi are one and the same, that it’s just a marketing ploy to get people to buy more pop.

I think that they’re quite different in fact, and I find coke to be much more carbonated, and sweeter. Both are bad in my opinion. But I will drink coke if there’s no pepsi available, so I guess I don’t HATE it…

the only people who think they are the same, are smokers....cuz thier taste buds are dead anyways

Pepsi is sweet and has a wet taste.

Coke is not as sweet as has a dry taste.

this is from somebody who likes there soda warm and not cold.

and I'm a smoker too.

good one jm!!!


I love Coke, but what you guys chose is your thing.

but to ech his own

I've taken the taste test, and I give the taste test every year as part of a course I teach.....I've picked Coke every time.....what does any of this have to do with having teams with markings indicating they've clinched a playoff berth anyway..... :?

I knew this crazy guy that worked for Pepsi at the plant. And well that is the reason to this day I would rather drink anything but Pepsi!

absolutely nothing, that why I'm not making anymore talk about it.

But you always have to get your last post in on a meaningless topic for that post count. Pathetic....

Screw this whole Pepsi vs. Coke debate. Let's debate about something a little more related to Canadiana...


Great Western. They're the only brewery left in Saskatchewan. Actually, the GW Pilsner is pretty good.....

I'll admit to being an ardent supporter of Moosehead (from New Brunswick), but I'm going to do an "un-Argo" thing and give a big nod to Lakeport out of Hamilton. Their Honey Lager is a very good beer, and last I checked, one of the Top 10 sellers in Ontario.

of the two, I like Molson the best, but I drink Labatt Blue sometimes because they sponsor the Bombers.

as for wines that Third and Ten talked about earlier, I like white wines like Yellow Tail, Alice White, and Kanga's Blood (if I can find that)

I was make conversation, you're just trying to do your best to kick me off the forum mate, and it's not working.