East Playoff Picture

Toronto 8-4
Hamilton 7-5
Montreal 6-6

Remaining Schedule

Tor (Ham, EDM)
Ham (@Tor, Ssk)
Mtl (Wpg, Ott)

After scraping by Ottawa by the skin of their teeth, Toronto is still in control. Beat Hamilton and clinch the East.

Win out and win the East. The magic number for a home playoff game is 1. Any loss by MTL or another W will clinch the ESF.

Have to win their last 2 and need a bunch of help to win the east. Hamilton losing to Toronto can open up a home playoff game for them.

3 way tie aggregate currently:

Hamilton +25
Montreal +7
Toronto -32

Hamilton would have the 3 way tie.


If it's a 3-way tie, then Hamilton gets the bye and hosts the EDF.
It does not look promising for a crossover this season.
The simple way to look at it is that the Tiger-Cats need to win the next 5 games to win the Cup.


Why do we have the 3 way tiebreaker?

Ham would be 3-3 vs the other 2.
Tor would be 3-3
Mtl would be 2-2

We would have the better point differential against both Toronto and Montreal. That is the first tie break scenario after wins/losses


Did the math you are both correct. And updated the post.

To me, the key game for the team winning first place is the game Hamilton at Toronto. The winner of that game will most probably win the East. I can't see Montréal finishing higher than 3rd place.



Agreed and Hamilton cant mathematically win the east without that game.

It's impossible not to think about what could have been if we didn't blow those two games at home.


We would be in first place. To state the obvious.


We would be playing BC at home to clinch the East.

And have 2 games "off".
Didn't work for us last time...

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I'd still take it every year.

Odds are it finishes 1. Toronto 2. Hamilton 3. Montreal

Unless we can get some funny results from other teams to help our cause.


The problem is Toronto's easy schedule. You might as well give them the 4 points for the Ottawa and Edmonton games. The Cats then need to Win Out but our schedule is not so friendly. Argos and Riders will be tough games.


Toronto undefeated at home this season
Plus playing Hamilton in a game that really matters (unless Hamilton screws up vs BC)
They can easily finish with 10 wins

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I think it's a given that the current 1st place team could win all of their games and get to 10.

However if Hamilton (the name on the website banner) is going to win the East it's going to take them getting to 9 in all likelihood.

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Is it too much to ask for an Arbuckle retribution game in which he takes revenge for the Argos trading him away from any playoff $?


Did you not see what happened with BC yesterday? This whole thing is a foregone conclusion.

Nope, was seeing my granddaughter. Got home just in time for the Sask/Mtl game

Just watched the highlights. Now that's some b.s. right there.

What's going to be worse? BC missing the playoffs because of that missed FG, or us not finishing first because of two 1 point losses to the Argos & 1 to Mtl?


BC probably wouldn't have got in anyways. Toronto has no business winning the East.

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