East mountain video

This video is stunningly put together and truly captures the passion and emotion of Hamilton.Definitely a must watch.



Very nice video... but Hamilton still sucks.

Very Nice Video indeed.

About the location though, I didn't know it would be that far out. I am of the opinion that stadiums should always be in the city, not in the suburbs.

Don't worry, Hamilton's not getting any new stadium.

The video is well-done. Unfortunately Hamilton's local politicians seem to be in an idiot race with their counterparts in Ottawa. We'll see.

If it were my team, I'd trot Angelo Mosca out, and say "Put the damn thing in East Mountain". And that ought to do it. He's the closest thing to royalty on that team, isn't he?

It's actually not that bad, I drive out that way to work all the time and i'm sure they'd offer shuttles directly there for cheap or no charge.If this falls through, the Ticats will not play at the West Harbor as Bob Young would be losing 7M per year.That puts him in the situation of: a)building his own stadium or getting someone else to help foot the bill b)selling the team to somebody who's willing to lose money at the WH site and the most likely option c)selling the team to a new owner and/or moving the team to a different city, and finally d)putting the franchise on mothballs until a proper stadium can be built for the Cats.
Either way, things are not looking good for Cat fans right now and unfortunately most of the people in this city take them for granted, some stating that they don't care if we lose a team from an "inferior" league.

Hamilton mayor's pet site gets slapped down:


The guy in response to this is still pushing the site! Talk about not knowing when it's over... :roll:

It really isn't that far out... between the Red Hill Valley Parkway and the "Linc" you can be in any part of the city in about 10 minutes!

And there is a boatload of development going on in that area as well

With all due respect to Hamiltonians, your mayor is a dingbat.

We know.... :roll:

Does he think getting back up after getting his ass whipped is a valiant thing??

he MUST...


The Feds pulled the Funding off Table for so Called West Harbor
Saying it east Mountain or nothing
The Province had little choice but follow the Feds Leed.

so now The City Must Vote East Mountian or walk away all together from 56 Million in Funding.

It a Done deal now IMO …


I was just on Spec site and did a Chat and People are pissed at the Feds and Grits

Sour Grapes is all I can say

people assume its because of possible loss of ticats, but I dont think the feds would be that worried about the ticats. I think it has more to do with concern re the pan am games.

Actually, I really believe it's because Bob Young showed that he's willing to compromise with the amphitheatre plan & money for it at West Harbour when he didn't have to do any of that. The Mayor has not taken a single step back from his position since this whole fiasco started, & it came back to bite him in the ass. He tried to deal behind the Ticats back, then went through a facilitation process & ignored the recommendation of the facilitator.

I think that the feds & prov. gov't simply realized that Bob Young put together a plan that was more of a complete solution than Eisenberger would ever be able to assemble at West Harbour.

as for the video, all I saw was a video about ticats and an empty field. no mountain

It's east of there.....

That "empty field" is ON what we consider the mountain... which isn't ACTUALLY a mountain

in any case, it was a ticat video, not an east mountain video. Not that it matters but, just sayin

That empty field is the proposed site FYB

Here are some pics of the Hamilton Escarpment, anything up there is considered the "Mountain" here

[url=http://www.google.ca/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1680&bih=814&q=hamilton+escarpment&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=]http://www.google.ca/images?hl=en&sourc ... =&gs_rfai=[/url]

Hamilton is the opposite of Ottawa. Want to revitalize downtown? CC me.

Want to create a legacy? Major intersection; allow everyone to join in the fun.