East Meets West Bash

Just an FYI for those of you going to Montreal for Grey Cup this year - there are a limited number of guaranteed admission tickets still available for this year's TigerTown/Riderville Party. These tickets guarantee your admission in the first hour of operation (6 to 7pm Friday night and Noon 'til 1pm on Saturday).

They are available at http://www.ticketmaster.ca/East-Meets-W ... st/1263156 or call your ticket rep at the Tiger-Cats.

By limited, there are 300 tickets left for Friday night and 25 for Saturday!

Don't be left out on the sidewalk!



Let's say I buy a ticket and I show up after the 1 hour after gates opening? Then what happens?

As I can see staying from 6 - 7 pm Friday till close, but staying from 1pm on Saturday onwards is a tough one. Especially when there are lots of other good events happening on Saturday during the day and in the evening.

So what happens if I show up at the door after the 1 hour window? Do I still wait in line with the people who haven't purchased advanced tickets? Or is there a short advance ticket holders line?

Yes, I understand if the place is full I have to wait... but it would be nice to know that people who purchase tickets ahead of time also get to beat the line outside of the 1 hour window. If thats not the case, then I might as well take my chances at buying tickets at the door.

Also its $10 a ticket for each night correct? So I would have to purchase one for Friday and Saturday night.

Hey LotJ,

If you buy a ticket and show up after the 1 hour window, you'll have to join the line. Of course, show the ticket and you don't have to pay. The ticket is good for one admission, one time on the day it was issued for.

Tickets are $10 per day, just like at the door.

Saskatchewan has a parade that is showing up on Saturday between noon and 1. So, their fans have already purchased several hundred tickets for Saturday's guaranteed admission.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Please note that the guaranteed admission tickets for Saturday, between noon and 1pm are all SOLD OUT.

There will be a limited number available at the door.

As people leave throughout the day, tickets will be sold for entry.



Thanks for the head's up................Mrs MadJack and I shall be there, tickets ordered and confirmed for Friday night!

Hope to meet many TiCat (and Saskatchewan) fans and players there!

Anyone know who is replacing Teenage Head?

We're working on it. They may have a substitute singer.

We'll post as soon as it's finalized.



I have tickets for both Fri and Sat. My father and I will be coming to the East Meets West Bash from TD Manitoba so it should make for a fun night :rockin: