East lightning round

Can the Al’s repeat their recent success?
Who is better off at quarterback, Ottawa or Toronto?
Will the Ti-Cats finally win the Grey Cup?
I think;
Doubtful (hope I’m wrong)
Toronto. Arbuckle over Nicholls.

West lightning round coming. (Pending response interest)

Yes - Als are putting together something special
Ottawa - Nichols >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arbukle, He has exactly 7 CFL starts in his career (and that was behind CGY's Oline )
Ticats win the GC?- YESSSSS

-Ottawa, but Toronto has a better team for now
-I don't know, but I think they will go to the Grey Cup finale.

Arbuckle is a better QB than Nichols
No. Another choke job in the making by the Kitty-cats

I am confused. What does east lightning round mean???

Like a game show....I thought that was a thing.
I’ll call the next one “thoughts on the western conference of the Canadian football league regarding the upcoming season”
I guess it means don’t type stuff after a couple of tall boys of pils eh.

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