There are two pissibilities.
Is the East like many years a soft spot in the league.
Or, with a three way tie and a race going down to the wire the three teams are so close that any can take the title and especially the one that gets the hottest down the stretch.
Isn't that what we want and strive for in what we all thought would be the most competative year in recent time.
Hey, even the Hammer is really not out of it.

is going back to the days when it was the easy division? Usually teams that were in 2nd, 3rd or last had awful records. This year, 3 team are tied for first with 7 wins each. Montreal has lost 6 in a row. Bombers had a four game losing streak and are 2-2 in their last 4 games. Toronto, after a five game winning streak has looked brutal in their last two games, winning an ugly game 11-9, and then being blown out in Calgary. Hamilton, even with two straight wins are still 4-11. Looks like the West division is once again the dominant division.

Standings mean squat once the playoffs start. All it takes is for a team to get hot down the stretch.

re Lets go Blue-Standings mean squat once the playoffs start. All it takes is for a team to get hot down the stretch.
OH YA well thats the kind of thinking that almost killed the CFL, Terrible P.R in a province (city)that,worships the nfl, nfl cuts have never improved any team, to turn them into a cup contender,rather they deflate ticket sails,imo

both divisions seem almost equal at the moment, with ties for frist in both.

...yeah they could catch Montreal.... :roll:

...equal in wins, but Calgary has beaten Montreal twice and crushed Toronto and Winnipeg....and the way BC and Saskatchewan are playing right now, well, (lick finger, press on imaginary hot surface) sssssssssss.....

.......the west is stronger at this time.....

I don't know, Sambo, EE doesn't seem like they will be able to get a good enough record to CO this season, so that showsthat the East is stoung on some level, and Grey Cup, of course, anything goes, like 1981 when 7th Ottawa looked like they would be 1st Edmonton.

Well the stats show the west is stronger this year. The East's record is a combined 25-30 while the west's is 29-24. With the west beating the east 13 out of 21 times (62%) when they have played them.

True, but interesting enough BC, Calgary, and Saskatchewan are a combined 13 and 3 against the East but the Schmoes are 0 and 5 against the East.

Also interesting enough each team in the West is 4 and 4 in their own division. :expressionless:

The Eastern teams have been behind in their development compared to the West, mostly due to injuries, just wait another couple weeks once they start to get healthy and some chemistry going and we will see how week they are.

I know this is for rider fans but you might try it!

Red are you planning your trip to the Peg with your Stamps yet?

and their is that remote, by possibly that the EE will CO to the East.

Just because the west has one weak team Kanga does not mean they are not stronger then the east.

It doesnt mean they are either!

But 13-8 against the east is a pretty good indication of the west's strength.

I did say the West was weaker, far from it, I meant the West is stronger than the East because their weakest team still has a remote chance to take an Eastern teams place in the finals, I mean playoffs.

The East better wake up soon. At least one team has to get hot down the stretch, or will we have a case of everyone beating each other and maybe a 9-9 record winning first place.

How true that is. The hard luck Riders could finish 10-8 or even 11-7 and once again, NOT host a playoff game again.