East goes 0-4 vs west in week 1

Who would have thought that the East would have lost all 4 starts in week 1

Hello from an Als fan. Hey guys, our team didn't execute in all three phases for 60 minutes and got its collective butt whooped. Seems we're all back to square one in the east, eh? Let's see who emerges from the 0-1 club next week. :smiley:

What about the part where you press the panic button and make blanket statements about your team's management being incompetent and/or asleep at the wheel? :wink: Or calling for them to start the backup QB next week, that's always a good one...

When we lost and I heard the idiotic Rider fan say “top of the standings” I was hoping for a Western sweep lol

Maybe an Eastern team will win next week. It's likely that by this time next week the East will be 1 - 7

Believe me, we've got at least one of those types in our own forum. :lol:

Seriously, though, we've got a ton of problems to solve, some of which are unpleasant surprises -- like the fact that our starting RB didn't look ready to play at all tonight.

Some interesting, if not surprising, truths after Week 1

The Alouettes have now lost 7 games in a row -- their final 3 regular season games last year, the semi-final, both pre-season games and Canada Day at Calgary.

Drew Tate is now 4-0 as a regular season starting QB. And, two of his four starts have been against MTL.

The Arrrr..... are tied for first!

So much for the east/west balance in the league this season.....mind you it's only the first game....but...OH MY!!!!!!

true, I certainly didn't envision this type of scenario.

after 4-5 games we should have a much clearer picture of the pretenders and contenders though.

Here's hoping our Tiger cats will be the latter, Tangledweb....

Right...1-7 only because Winnipeg and Montreal play each other. Although if our D holds their O down to the low scoring that our O usually produces, it does increase the chances of a tie. That would make the whole East winless after 2 weeks, 0-6-2. Any precedents for that?

Like many, I didn't see this coming at all.

The disappointing thing about the opening weekend was not just the fact that all the Eastern teams look terrible but how lopsided and boring the games were. How many TDs were called back by penalties? how many offsides? how many of those "no yards calls" how many "holding calls" No close games, no excitement.
Boring boring stuff, one more weekend of this and the TSN TV ratings are going to plummet.

I did not see this coming, other! All the pre-season punditry had the east as the heavy favorites this year.

Oh well, still 17 games left.

Is it lost on most that the West played 3 of the 4 games at home ?

I've seen plenty seasons where the Eastern teams got out of the gate like banshees and by the finish line the West was crossing over.

And some of the loses were by more than 20 points, so if the league is supposed to be even up this year the home factor shouldn't be that much of a determinant. I think I've heard that it can account for something like 7 points in a game.

Another season of weirdness????

3 games... Sampling is way too small to get a fair idea of spread.

True enough...

I believe it was Pinball who used to say, when the coaching that team down the road, that it's not how you start the race, but rather how you finish that mattters....or something like that...

For me anyway, the CFL is 3 season.

1st half before labour day (Training camp) Clement weather and teams with lack of balance can still win.

2ns half after labour day. Regular season, varied weather. Teams are what they are. Need a balance offense to win in bad weather.

Post season: Where injures, weather and coaching make sudden death a different game.

We caught a break with the East losing the other 3 games. Now even if we lose to B.C. and have Montreal and Toronto win this week, all we have to do is beat Toronto at home in week 3 and beat Montreal at home in week 4 and we're tied for 1st, at the very least, assuming Winnipeg doesn't go 3-0 in that span.

I don't think you have to worry about Winnipeg going 3-0 on the road with that offense.