East Finals

Is anyone else getting really tired of watching Toronto and Montreal battle it out year after year? It would seem like a completely foreign concept if we saw Winnipeg and Hamilton there this upcoming season.

It could happen this year Hamilton could be a suprise and knock the Als or the Argo's out of the playoffs

i agree esks..but if they are there...you cant blame them lol

Get used to it .. There are 4 teams in the east. There is only 6 possible combinations.


This year you might see a different team in there, Winnipeg could be facing Montreal in the East Final. Toronto looks to be a mess offensively , and might be fighting with Hamilton to stay out of the basement. The cross-over still exists, so you could see the Riders, Esks or Stamps in that game as well.

I like seeing two teams continue to butt heads ... builds up a good rivalry, and it's a good way to see how one has adapted to the other. I wouldn't complain if they "changed it up" a bit, but I like seeing these rivalries develop.

I don't want Papa and Piggy to faint, but if The Bombers can add one or two more players ( I promise not to say Starting QB) I see them giving both Toronto and Montreal a run for top spot.

Yes, I did say this! LOL

I don't see Winnipeg challenging Montreal for first but I will pick them to finish second and possibly play the Als in the East final depending on who crosses over. Yes, I believe only 2 East teams will make the playoffs this year.

A very strong possibility of a cross over this year slamy, and you and I rarely agree on anything.

imo, montreal is not going to have a winning season next year.

how good will montreal be without the don?

is popp gonna make this team worse?

i really think that winnipeg is getting too good for montreal and they just seem like they are due for a bad season. i still think they'll make the playoffs.

i see winnipeg taking 1st in the east.

i agree DG, but i must admit that i biasedly believe that the west is better than the east and that winnipeg being the former worst team in the west makes them a strong contender for 1st in the east! :stuck_out_tongue:

winnipeg seems like they are on the rise, while toronto and montreal are on the decline.

kinda like the sabres were on the rise last year and are the top team this year.