East Final

Already 40000 tickets sold. Ti-Cats or Argo's be scared be very scared hehe! :rockin:

Considering the results of each of the last games played against Toronto & Hamilton, the Als should be the ones afraid. They've shown that they're not invulnerable this season.

Yes let’s get out the playbook and show the teams that we are facing in the final all of our plays, and play 100% and risk injury. 55000 fans in a domed stadium. Ask the BC Lions what hapenned last year and they shall explain.

Right....so you're saying the Als weren't trying. :roll:

Now explain how they lost the GC to Calgary at the Big O. They weren't trying then either, right? :roll:

HA ! Good one !!

Who is talking about 2 years ago? Im talking about now. FYI the Grey Cup attracts ppl from all over Canada. This is a east final with 50000 Alouettes fans with maybe 5000 fans from where ever they want to come from. Oh, and Hamilton was trying last week against Calgary. Our teams both got there ass's kicked it evens out. By the way i'm not talking about winning im not saying we will beat any team, all im saying is any team would be scared to come in and play in front of 55000 who hate you.

Neither the Cats nor the Argos stack up to the 2008 Stampeders. Sorry, try again.

Wow, excellent ticket sales for sure in Montreal. The TiCats won't be scared though if we make it, just ready. :wink:

i just got my tickets for the east semi.

I really don't see the Als losing the Eastern Final.. not saying it's impossible but I think unlikely.

I agree, I think it's Montreal's game to lose. But it's cool that 40,000 tickets have already been sold. :thup:

Nice to see a good crowd in MTL for the playoffs.

Als will again win the East in front of a full house in the dome.
Proving again how the fans of that fair city are the best in the East.

The Als have not looked all that great in the last few games, I think Calvillo is showing his age.

Yup, passing for 400 yards and 3 TDs against 0 interceptions in the Toronto game sure shows his age. As does his league-best 100.8 QB rating, 32 TDs (2nd), 7 INTs (1st), and 4839 yards (3rd). :roll: :roll:

Great news re ticket sales!! :thup:

My prediction before the season started was to see Hamilton upset the Als. I still think that will happen.

(Of course, I had predicted the Esks to host the Western Semi so... :expressionless: )

Hamilton was trying? Guess you were watching a different game, cause the D that showed up for the Ticats was not the D that played the previous 3 games. Glenn had his worst game of the season. Montreal squeaked by a Toronto team that has the most predictable offence in the league.

I'm not so sure about that. Both teams have beat the Als convincingly this year.

Try again? Ok: the 2010 Als are most emphatically not as good as the 2008 or 2009 Als. They're very beatable & either Toronto or Hamilton could do it.

Cool we will leave it at that. Good luck, and just hope Toronto's predictable defence doesnt bite u in the ass because i'm sure the Al's want another shot at the Cats.

Well, what I actually said was Toronto has the most predictable offence in the league, but if you want to read it wrong, I guess that's your prerogative.

BTW, I note the following:

but earlier, you said:

Ask the BC Lions what hapenned last year and they shall explain
So, I guess it's ok to bring up the past but only if it supports YOUR point of view? :roll: