EAST FINAL - Winnipeg @ Toronto - Game Discussion

Toronto is doing their best impression of a craptacular team...

Whats the attendance?

You give the ball to Roberts until they stop him?

You think BC wins because Jacksons a great qb???

No, they let Smith win the game running.

Sorry Esklo riders are going to win!

Hey hapz

What do you think of Burris as a commentator??

Seems like he might have a nice career after ball.

Very articulate. Has a good voice and football knowledge. Maybe next year. LOL

What are you talking about stallion??

Im cheering for them dummy!

Give some credit to the Bombers, they are a big reason Toronto is not looking very good.

Hey if he's moving the chains, it doesn't matter if it's one dimensional. Keep doing what's working!

After the way Bishop played in the wind tunnel in Sask., he might have wished the game was in Wpg.--Flurries, 51km/hr winds.

Winnipeg has to take advantage of everything they can, leave no points on the feild. I'm still not over that 4th quarter comeback TO did on us last year. :thdn:

Nice catch by Wilson!!!

Is Burris the during-the-play commentator? Whoever it is, it's great commentary- knowledgeable, unbiased, enthusiatic

Fumble in the red zone, isn't exactly taking advantage of what you can get.

Man has Stokes ever changed our special teams. Awesome.

Man....what Toronto team showed up....

It's what Winnipeg team showed up. We're back....

Good job Stokes......

I love it!

Right on, Bombers

O Shea better go put his shoes back on.

Its Kahari Jones