EAST FINAL - Winnipeg @ Toronto - Game Discussion

It's on right now!! I hope for a good game :slight_smile:

Touchdown Bomber! Yeh baby. Must have been a mix up on the play as their were 2 recievers in the same spot. Looked good on Stegal.

Looked really good on Stegall :smiley: Amazing!!

Classic Stokes fumble

But an excellent review, i was on the edge of my seat

EDIT: Sorry I doubted you Stokes.

I thought he was down to begin with.

lol, Eiben is looking really smart right about now!


Eiben, you're a moron. Winnipeg with 10 already.

Beat you to it!

HAHAHA yeah I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope they interview him @ half-time.

almost picked.

If he was going for unecessary roughness he could have at least punched belli in the nuts for payback

Good thing we didnt get the final, its snowing pretty bad here in WPG.

Please do not even mention the other two teams in this thread. There is enough threads about that game already, let's focus on this game.

Roberts is looking pretty strong right now, that rest he got at the end of the season did him good.

Many penaltys not called against TO. holding, no yards, etc

With that wind, I'm glad I'm indoors right now!

Winnipeg mixing it up well now. Last week against Montreal i thought they were running too much. Considering they're perhaps the top passing team this year, esp. first half, it's good to see Glenn throwing it again.

The way Roberts is running, why would you want to pass?

Some home field officiating on that missed roughing the kicker

You hear the fans booing?? LOL

It's the loudest they've been all game!

get's too one-dimensional if it's all Roberts. Last week they almost lost against a worse team.