East Final - What to watch for

Should be an interesting game and one that is difficult to predict. How much momentum will Montreal carry over from the debacle that was the BC Lions. Was Montreal that good or was BC that bad, I lean towards the latter. If Montreal can score early, it might be hard for Hamilton to stop the emotion. If Hamilton can shut down the Al's offence early in the game, they should be able to win the close one.

Prediction: Hamilton by a field goal.

Many in the media are calling for a Montreal victory so your not alone in your statement and prediction of a close one but a Montreal victory in the end by three.

I think Montreal is in for a wake up call tomorrow, all the trash talk by Montreal players and media hype on a team that is really not as good a team as everyone believes they are and coming into the Hammer to play the Cats at the 6-0 Tim Horton's Field. If Anthony Calvillo was at QB I would say your probably right but with Jonathan Crompton at QB he has yet to have a 300 yard passing game this season, where as Collaro's has had 6, 300 yard plus games in passing.

In order for Montreal to win tomorrow they have to play perfect football and hope that hamilton screws up a few times bad enough and hope that their is little or No fan noise, it's a lot of hoping for a big game on the line.

The Tiger-Cats have more to prove than Montreal and are keeping silent on the hype talk and saving their performance for the field tomorrow where it really counts.

Tiger-Cats by 14 plus, GO CATS GO!!!!!

And FYI - weather should not be much of a factor in the EDF. Here is the forecast.


Question: What to watch for

Answer : the Great Grigsby trucking Bear ** Woods again.

BIGCAT: Keep the paranoia in check. He picked your team to win, for Pete's sake.

What to watch for is Time of Possession. Last year at the Eastern final Hamilton used it to hammer Toronto into submission and keep Ricky Ray off the field. In the last regular season meeting, Hamilton was able to use it in terrible weather conditions to dominate Montreal.

Win Time of Possession = Winning game.

What to watch for? How many times Hamilton fans mention being undefeated at THF. Take a drink each time they bring it up. :smiley:

Watch how many times Hamilton fans blame the refs if they lose! :lol:

OH CUPCAKES !!!!!! GIVE IT A REST !!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

IT'S FEEDING TIME !!! HERE BIRDY BIRDY :smiley: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


So the East Final and the Vanier Cup feature the same two cities. :cowboy:

So much for only a 15% chance of rain. It is raining here in Hamilton right now. Hopefully this passes before game time. I don't want to get too wet out there. lol

Oh suck it up, you're not made of sugar... :stuck_out_tongue: Trust me, you will be so focused on what it happening on the field, you won't even notice it...

As of right now, there is no rain here, and I live 10 minutes from THF... fingers crossed

I'm melting! I'm melting! lol

Just heading out the door to catch the bus to THF. Your final weather update from the west mountain - light drizzle just started again heading in the direction of THF unfortunately. The good news from the radar - it looks like it should stop by early in the game.


I'm standing by my prediction. . . Hamilton wins, 21-14, a kick return TD being the difference.

I see a score more similar to the last game between the two teams. So something like 28-16 for Hamilton.

I have no idea who wins but it will be a lot closer than that.

Go als!

What to watch for is my pick going down the drain. Let's go, Montreal!