EAST FINAL ticket update

I just did a search on ticketmaster for seats for the big Argos/Als game on Sunday.

As of Friday @ approx. 12:40am, there are ONLY singles left in the $30 and $80 price levels; however, you can still get pairs in the $70, $65, and $40 sections, as well as, the $25 seats in the general admission nosebleeds (500-level).

I hope there's a good walk-up crowd cuz the 50,000 guesstimate seems a little off at the current juncture.

everything will be fine, the game is selling out nicely!

I thought that the argos were only going to put up 45,000 for sale.

I just heard on the radio that the sales were 36,000.

it was officially announced at 36 000 AS OF LAST FRIDAY....

last friday BEFORE the alouettes became the official opponents.....argotom ( who knows his stuff ) says thier at 43 000 yesterday....sell-out is 44 761

They said as of today it was 36 but it cound be propaganda in the wake of our 31,000
I do think its kinda low.

B.C , is looking at 40,000 , now! :smiley:

40 000...where did u hear that?

so were gonna have 40 000 + in each of the division finals!?

On CANADA NOW [CBC] the report was from inside B.C. Place.

thats awesome.....lions website says 32 500 as of yesterday....

i wonder why they sold 7 500 tix in one day?

It could be expected?.......but it is the week end , and the ARGOS average 5,000 to 6,000............ FOR WALK UP CROWDS!

we will see!

Ticket sales usually get better and the game approaches and the hype is bigger
Good on both Toronto and BC

very true

When Toronto fans realise that this will be their last game of the season there will be a huge walk up crowd. :roll:

i will cheer for the following teams in the grey cup:

if its the Lions against anyone, then i cheer the Lions.
if Montreal vs Edmonton, then ill cheer the Als
Toronto vs Edmonton, then i'll cheer the Argos.

i won't cheer on the Eskimos this year....i cheered for them when they beat the Als in 2003.

we already know it's our last HOME game of the season.........

yeah, technically, what is your point?

As of Saturday @ 3:30pm ET:

SINGLES ONLY left in $80, $70, and $30 sections
Pairs still available in the $65, $40, and general admission $25 sections

Pairs in the 40$ price range are now gone! In the 30$ , only some in section 118 pairs , are left.

sections 100 and 200 are almost sold out , just general ad. , left. :shock: :smiley:

You should sell out the game with a walk up crowd! :smiley:


[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/News/2005/11/19/1314328-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 28-cp.html[/url]

A Toronto club official said Saturday that 41,000 tickets have been sold for the game, which would beat the previous high of just over 40,000 who saw the Argos down Hamilton 34-11 on Nov. 4. Capacity is 44,761.

need a walk up of 3 761...but it's still back-2-back 40K + games....good momentum going into the 2006 season.