East Final Ticats VS Redblacks


Alright! If Johnny All Mouth and Bluster is pulling for the Redblacks, then we're pretty much guaranteed the win.


A BIT early don't ya think??


This week, Johnny is an honorary lumberjack!


The awesome Redblacks VS the stinky cats!



ahh, now I get it. Johnny is a drag queen

Ottawa would have to be a fairly good sized favourite at this point, being the much healthier team and all. That said, still gotta play the game, anything can happen.

As a fan of neither team, it would have been a much more entertaining affair having Collaros vs Burris, but oh well maybe next year.

[i]4 days till judgment day for the Stinky Ticats!!!!! :rockin: Goin' down Ticats! :thdn:


Ottawa will not let Masoli and the rest of the Ti-Cats to run unchecked the way the boat people did in the 4th Q of the semi. Ottawa is healthy and at home.

Too bad for Cats fans because if Collaros had not gone down they had a very good shot at winning it this year.

Its been awhile since Bad Hank made an appearance, Sunday could be the day. Bad Hank likes playoff games.

Oskee Wee Wee

I was thinking the same thing. OK, hoping the same thing.

If Bad Hank shows up Hamilton should steal the game. Their D played well against the boat people and the STs had an excellent game winning the field position battle with some key returns and good punt coverage. The only bad STs play I recall was the first Argo punt but after that a solid game for the Ti-Cats STs.

Johnny - I found an article that’s right up your alley.

28 reasons to hate Hamilton. :slight_smile:

[url=http://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/wretched-armpit-of-despair?utm_term=.jb2rN8kWx#.nmpm7VXZv]http://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/wretch ... .nmpm7VXZv[/url]

The tabbies limp into Sunday after being beaten up in the semi.
The Redblacks are very healthy for this time of year.

Read into that what you will.

Except bad Hank hasn't appeared since last year when he had a bad "O" line, bad receivers and a bad running back - Chevon Walker who couldn't block or get a first down.
Right now he has the best "O" line in the league, the best receiving corps in the league and two great running backs.

The RodBlacks or RedBlacks I should say, have been a sleep for two weeks watching all the action in the Semi-Finals, they might be healthy but that could be short-lived and end very quickly when they step on the field on Sunday especially with a hungry Tiger-Cat team!!

It's the Underdog Cats against the heavily favoured team from Ottawa the RodBlacks, Bumcracks, Plumberscrack, something like that??


So now, bye weeks are detrimental...Dang...Why the hell did they have to go and take top place in the division??

and half that roster went 2-16 last year. They might be hungry too, but who knows...

Only in Ti-Cat land. For all those that don't wear black and yellow glasses the bye is good. :cowboy:

Johnny... IS THAT REALLY YOU?????



The Redblack lumberjack is gonna whip out his chainsaw, and saw that stinky cat in half! Then he gonna make timbits out of its guts!


:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: