East Final - Ticats @ ORBs - Sunday 1:pm EST

It's tough to beat the same team four times.

These two Provincial powers met thrice during the regular season, with Ottawa besting the Ticats in all three; two in Hamilton and one in the Nation's Capital.

The first game was in late July in Hamilton, and the RedBlacks won by six.

Then there was the back to back H-A series in late October. Ottawa won the home game by four, and then edged the Ticats by 17 on the road.

Game Four is in Ottawa, and the Ticats will be ready to extract some revenge.

Can they claw their way to the top? Or are they a long tailed cat heading into a room full of rocking chairs?

I think Cats are hungry :smiley:
Oskee Wee Wee
Eat 'em raw!!

I expect them to win and then go on to Edmonton and become the champs.

Thanks for your support!
I totally agree :smiley:

Wooooooooooo....., I'll be cheering for "my Cats" at least for the next two weeks.
I guess no word if Ric will be attending, I can't see the RB owners allowing him on the field before the game?

My money is with the Redblacks to win tomorrow. It ain’t gonna be easy when you consider the unexpected and humiliating beatdown the Tabbys delivered to the BC Lions (I think many of us expected that it would be a close game), but I believe that the Redblacks’ depth will prevail. The only fly in the ointment is the Redblacks’ post-bye-week curse of losing games. I am hoping that they will overcome this given the stakes.

Now, that being said, the Tabbys are my No 2 team so whoever wins tomorrow, I will have a team that I can genuinely root for when I make the pilgrimage to Edmonchuck next weekend. Of course I want it to be my Redblacks making the trip. It would be the start of a perfect weekend (the finish being they win cup # 2).

Hamilton 19
Ottawa 29

Sweet dreams Ottawa , hope you see this in your nightmares . 8)GO CATS GO !!! You're going down tomorrow and guess what ? There ain't nothing ya all can do about it !!! ;D



Apparently the beer swillin’, plow drivin’, beardo-lineman Jon Gott is a healthy scratch tomorrow…

Jon Gott is more than a healthy scratch,he’s not even on the 46 players active roster. On 1 game injured list.


A little chilly, but weather or wind should not be a factor

He's out because of hang-over protocol .

It's almost playoff time!

Caretaker in the house 8)

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The Nature Boy in the house.........well in spirit anyway . 8)

Ottawa 34 Hamilton 31; OT.

Way too soon to throw a challeng flag. Campbell may regret this.