East Final: Ti-Cats vs Bombers

Hamilton; Glenn/Porter will be ready - Winnipeg is rested so to speak; Another battle for Buck Pierce/Lapolice.

Winnipeg's D is better then Ticats D .. I expect a Bomber Win..

This coming from Former Season Ticket holder in Hamilton..

Question is, can the Cats pull it off twice?

You expected a Montreal win too
Nobody cares!

Yeah dude, keep your trolling outta here too

I love how you have to make a point of mentioning you won't renew your season tickets in every thread. Like you cant just enjoy the game and appreciate that you have a team to go and watch. Some kind of fan you are. You cant even be happy we're one win away from the grey cup for the first time in ten years.

Also, and this is just curiosity, why can't you type and form sentences properly?

I agree,why can't Onknight just dry his eyes and be happy.I was just so damn happy when we got that overtime touchdown,it was a huge relief since we couldn't get the fieldgoal.We are all having a great week here in Hamilton and with a wee bit of luck we can squeeze by Winnipeg.Look at it this way,Montreal beat Winnipeg and we beat Montreal and I believe we were just disorganized when Winnipeg beat us and had some bad luck so I think the Cats could pull off a miracle win next week. :smiley:

Didn't the bombers loose to Sask not once but twice, and by a good 20+ points both games.

I wouldn't call that a great d

whats this "we" business? what position do you play for the ticats?? or maybe you are the waterboy??

onknight’s pride has taken a huge tumble so he has to react the weelish way he is. That’s the way these type of people behave. They’re everywhere, looking for excuses from “Bob Young screwed us because WH isn’t going through” therefore no more a season ticket holder etc.

The single most difficult thing to do in this league is to sweep a team, Hamilton found that out last year the hard way. One just has to look at the Bomber record. 3-7 in the last ten. Buck Pierce has thrown a league high 18 interceptions. Winnipeg hasn't scored more than 33 points in a game this year. The Winnipeg offence is not the Montreal offence, Hamilton shouldn't have any problem shutting them down, since the Bombers are so good at shutting themselves down...

onknight is a weird one. He holds on to his season tickets through some of the most incompetent managed seasons this franchise has ever seen and NOW he decides he can't abide the way the Cats are going? :roll:

Maybe he's also a Leafs season ticket holder?

Will Buck be able to finish the game? That`s really the question, if Buck can stay healthy Bombers have a shot.

If Bombers actually win and advance to the Cup, can anybody actually see a scenario that he could go the distance 2 games in a row? I like Buck btw, always have been a Ticat fan, so I will have to pull for OB and the Ticats

...I'm backing onknight....(strange but true)...He knows his Cats ....has indepth info. on that club...I'm not knocking his take and believe he will be most accurate come next Sunday :thup: :rockin:

Might have to bring in a "Best of onkight" over from Ti-Cat Chat.... :wink:

LMFAO... WHAT in-depth info does Captain Nelly have???

Who’s coming to the game?

Kubie and I will buy you a round.

Absolutely! :thup:

Winnipeg's Defense is not Montreal's defense. Don't look too far past the fact you beat a team playing as many backups and 3rd stringers on defense as the Als were.