East Final - Shipwrecks at Larks (Nov. 21, 1 pm et, TSN)

Well, you know, we let them win by shooting ourselves in the foot several times. Which is just what the Als are NOT doing.

O’Shame not looking so happy after the punt retirn TD! Does not look good on him.

Lemon turnover #1! Emry picks it!

Interesting how AC is throwing deep passes. They are trying to stretch blue team D, something we didn't do a lot last week, did we?

FG attempt blocked to make it just slightly less ugly for blue team now.

Total offence:

MTL 115


Their only FD is from a UR call on Cox.

No, though Glenn almost did the stretcher.

If you have the weapons, you attack. You can’t do the death-by-a-thousand-papercuts routine on an opponent when your playbook is written in crayon on napkins. Just saying. :wink:

There, proof that the Arblow's are NOT for real.No chance of winning it all with a 3 man team.

17-0 lead and they go for the jugular with those long passes. Didn't work, but it shows their mentality. Keep the pressure on, no matter what the score. Something we need to learn for next year.

Three? Who’s the third?

Ryan Christian? I thought it was basically a two-man gang. Copeland hasn’t amounted to much in double blue, IMHO.

Corey Boyd, Byron Parker and Chad Owens

I don’t miss CBC’s CFL coverage much, but one thing they’d show is the number of passes of certain lengths that were attempted. If CBC covered last week’s game, we’d see there were very few 20+ yard pass attempts.

1st quarter ends Als up 17-0.

Parker is an impact player for sure. A good OC plans to limit his impact though.

Fair enough. Thought you were talking about Mr. Intent to Injure.

Foley hasn’t done a lot other than be a jackass.

If the blew team gets blown out, any Al who gives him the crying taunt at the end of the game will get a thumbs-up from me.

But blue team actually gaining some yards now…

Rod Black is warming up his Dick Enberg Reject projection crapola: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY re the Boyd run.

:D :D :D

See, the Als can make a play and there's a discernible difference in reaction.

Lemon turnover 2? This will likely be challenged.

And will likely be ruled incomplete pass.

Well, that’s not on Mr. Sour Pucker. LOL

It was a good call re the overturn.

Pre makes it 17-3.

And after he said Boyd “pasted” Ferri he said it’s usually the LB who does the pasting.

Wow, do you really think so Rod?!

Captain Obvious strikes again.

Pre good, no shutout. Oh well.

17-3 for the right team.

Very close to FD, Rod? You wish. That WAS a first down!

Nice run by AC, did not look like he was in his late thirties there!

Good news! Black is done for me until June or July after this game! :wink: