East Final: Riders @ Argos

Is this the year that the crossover team finally cruises to the Grey Cup?

Or are the Argos going to protect the sanctity of the East?

Tough to beat a team thrice in one year.



I forbid it.


Rider fans are just so cocky.

That comes to an end next Sunday.

Riders are lucky the RB's played their worst game of the season.

Mark T will have the Double Blue ready.

Argos will be uptight waiting, Riders should be the favourites by I'd say 7. With a lot of support.

The Argos are a very good team. I'm not ready to pick a winner just yet. I expect it to be a good game.

Argos will be prepared no doubt. If Riders arrive with same focus and intensity as they brought today, I think they will be fine.

And they gotta stay out of the strip clubs. That's important too.

They are in Ottawa all week so they need to stay away from going across the border for too much fun time .

Trestman is helluvacoach...I expect the Argos to be in form. When Argos are playing their best they are potentially the best in the league...I have said that I felt that way a few times this season. Issue is that it hit and miss. Their D can be scary at times.

Great game By the riders yesterday, strong and all three assets of the game. I believe we only took three penalties as well.

Toronto will be a good test, Riders beat them twice already this year & IMO are the more talented team. Riders held Wilder to 100 yards rushing over 2 games, pretty damn good.

Riders 33 Argos 24

So hands up everybody who before this season started would’ve predicted that the two worst teams from the year before would be battling it out to see which one of them goes to the Cup ? Pretty crazy stuff and it just shows what a difference a year makes :o. Only in the CFL eh ? Yup , where the elevator ride from the outhouse to the penthouse it seems is a short ride indeed .

As much as I don’t really care for either of these two teams I have to stay true to my Ti-Cat roots and reluctantly cheer on the Green team this Sunday . For me it’s simply A-B-T aka Anybody But Toronto. Heck with all the ex-Cat players now residing in Saskatchewan it will almost be like cheering on Hamilton anyways . Guys like Bakari , Dyakowski , Thiggy , Glenn , Bartel , Edem and yes even Gainey . All one time Cats that have never been on the winning side and have never gotten that coveted ring yet or their name etched on the trophy . I could add Chad Owens as well to the ex-Cat list although his stay in Hamilton was a short one and unlike the others mentioned he already has his ring and his name on the Cup .

I’m thinking and predicting it’s going to be an All West showdown for this years Cup. So I’m pencilling in an Edmonton vs Saskatchewan match-up in Ottawa come Grey Cup Sunday . That way I figure I can’t lose as I’ll also have besides the above Rider players to watch but also ex-Cats now Eskimos to cheer on as well to hopefully finally win their first Cup in CJ , Figueroa and Neil King and also Mr class John Chick to hopefully go out on top with a 3rd Grey Cup ring as well .

Nobody blows like the Argos!!!

Ya, like blowing out the Riders come Sunday.

It will be a great game. Trestman is around .500 against Jones defenses. Guaranteed battle. Argos are well rested and playing home. Should be an edge.

Riders by 11.

Toss out the argo's feeble regular season record - they're peaking - and they're peaking hard. Probably only 2 teams that could confront them properly right now - that's Edmonton or Calgary.

Riders are real comers. Was Old Glenny's performance last week vs. Ottawa a mirage? Or the form chart?

In any event this one is pretty tight. Sask'n has the better WRs - no doubt about it. And Thigpen, however long he holds up could be their not-so-secret weapon. If he's great again he'll nullify Wilder, Jr. If not, big running edge to the Argos!

Argo's two biggest weapons are Marc Trestman & Ricky Ray, period.

In the end it boils down to defense. Chris Jones is supposedly the best defensive mind in the league. If he can pull it off the Riders have a chance to eke out a last minute W- and another trip to Ottawa.

Should be a gooder!

The 8-9-1 team played their worst game of the season? That's a bold statement for a team that played a tone of average to horrible football this season. The RBs got beat by a better team, just that simple.

True, but they still did not help themselves out with missed tackles on D and receivers dropping sure catches.

The better team did win, but the Argos will be much more ready.

Much more ready? The RBs played one game in a month, how could they have been less ready to play the game? You speak about the RBs dropped passes, how about the Riders’ 3 dropped INTs?

"Riders are lucky the RB's played their worst game of the season."

One could also look at it as the ORB's are lucky that Gainey &Co was off and the score wasn't 45-20 because there were two very nearly pick 6s from Riders D. Plus a couple other dropped pics.

I used to believe in this mind set, but I find it's more of an excuse than anything else. Could say Montreal was lucky the Riders can't couldn't count in the 2009 Grey Cup because Saskatchewan would have won that game. However they couldn't count and did lose.

Riders weren't lucky or Ottawa unlucky, Riders won. Doesn't mean they are the better team (although in this case they are by a mile) just better on that day.

That's the beauty of playoff football. Those teams that make it have essentially earned themselves a new mini season to apply all their learning and practice to.

Not being mentally prepared or not being able to count men on the field when it's critical (leads to a loss) means you're not the best team that day. There are no excuses. And those shitty experiences (like the 13th man loss against Als in 2009, for example) can galvanize a club for future success to some degree. I don't think the Grey Cup 2013 Rider victory at home would have been assembled the same way, nor been as sweet - had it not been for the crushing Rider losses in the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cup games.