East Final Predictions Thread/Poll

Oh I hope it doesn't come down to a game-winning field goal attempt...lol

I'm thinking this is the game that we show up and dominate. Not sure why, just a feeling.

We’ll waffle 'em!

(For those of a certain vintage)

Not if he hasn't built a good rapport with Masoli and become familiar enough with the offense that he can play better than the receivers that were out there last week. Starting Addison ahead of Sink was definitely NOT a mistake vs BC.

McDaniel's veteran status provides leadership on the field to less-experienced players like Buren and Addison. And don't underestimate the importance of his role as a blocker. Without those blocks, some of those great plays - and possibly TDs - are going to stall. Jones is a smart enough coach to not waste a roster spot on a player if he doesn't feel he's contributing and integral to the overall success of the team.

I’m predicting a Ticats win - probably in a close game - 31-26. It could be snowy (even if it isn’t in the forecast - don’t think that much more than flurries was forecast for last year’s GC and I KNOW I sat through some pretty heavy snow falling)) so here’s hoping that the equipment manager takes different shoes for the players so that they can cope with conditions if they become slippery.
I think part of the OTTRBs success in that snowy EF that they played against EE a couple of years ago was partly due to their ability to cope with the conditions - and have footwear on hand to help them with their footing. EE may not have done that.

It should be a good game - although I could live without it being a “nail-biter”, I fully expect that it will be one that keeps us on the edge of our seats (couches, whatever) until the final snap and whistle.

  1. Thanks for that, "Jungle Jim Trimble", from another person of that certain vintage !! LOL :wink: :wink:
  1. You know, you just may be onto something there !!

Sinkfield may simply not be as good as he was a few years ago as a TiCat. :frowning:

Hey!....Bite your tongue. Sinkfield still as the ability. Its just he has not proven it to Jones.
Jones makes his own decisions on players, not want he see's in the past or hears.
Appearenty he has looked at him as a reciever and CB in practise and decided he is a better
CB than Reciever.

That's it.

If the D can figure out a solution to RBs hurry up offense, we will win by a field goal - just cant have that blow up quarter, like we had in so many games this year…and Masoli, no bone headed picks, please, you have been so good lately.

This isn’t BC, this a much more poised Ottawa team.

I like it I believe that our D will shut him down!

I think we will win ,we are hungrier .

The best outcome after the victory is the fact the game will most likely be played in minus 3 C ,fingers

will be bit numb and aching from the minus 3C , so if when we play in Edmonton’s minus ten C we will

at least have experienced minus 3C and

cold numb fingers and toes .

Better now than never…

GOTC1, you have shown tremendous faith in Sinkfield and his potential to help the Cats. I hope he gets his opportunity in Ottawa, and lives up to your expectations! Seriously, no sarcasm intended.

1998 redux, Hajrullahu kicks the winning field goal on the last play of the game.

We got this!!

Next stop Edmonton!

Love the tone and Vibe Simoni and Delvin had at the pre game presser today. The boys look ready for war.

Last Minute, 2nd and goal from the 8 yard line, Cats down by 4.
Masoli out of shot gun, fakes hand off to Green, no receivers open -Masoli keeps and runs over a linebacker for the TD and Cats win by 3!
Then it’s Sheck Wes Mo Bamba time!

Here’s a prediction.

At least five references to Ellingson’s miracle catch in 2015 during Sunday’s broadcast. Anyone brave enough to take the “under” on that one?

38-36 ticats. Book it.

Some on here question Masoli’s ability to win the close ones.
So, I’ll make it easy for them.

Ticats 42 to 12

So sick of hearing about that stupid lucky play. I really hope they beat Ottawa decisively.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.